An Ilinois state law requires that a man's female companion shall call him "master" while out on a date.

Isn't this a law that really makes sense? However, it does not apply to married couples. It seems that roles become reversed during marriage. Such a pity. " Please sweetheart, may I have some more burnt offering of your meatloaf?"
Update: I got this off the internet. It may be one of those old blue laws that are still on the books because it hasn't been enforced or looked at for over one hundred years. Well over half of my questions are written with tongue well in cheek.
Update 2: Schitz3: Actually I do have an inflatable doll. She is the one you threw away into the dumpster in one of your unceremonious hissy fits. Now, she is mine after your big blowup. You treated her like trash.
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