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Since China Isn't Communist, What Is It?

China is NOT COMMUNIST, communism and capitalism are polar opposites, therefore that label is misleading and wrong. Even cold warriors like Henry Kissinger agree to that. China is communist in name only.

Is China totalitarian? The definition, every aspect of life is under strict state control, often through coercive measures. Since individuals are free to travel, open a business, quit their job, find new employment, and pretty much do everything we Americans are accustomed too, then the definition is inaccurate.

What about dictatorial rule? The definition doesn’t fit since President Hu is elected by their legislative body, he must answer to them as well.

The one party rule system however is firmly in place and will be for a long time. However, looking at it in a different way, the party consists of hard liners to capitalists. In one sense there is as much diversity in politics as there is in the states.

Where is China headed?


Non party members can now hold office as high as mayor in China. Only a few years ago that was unheard of.


Communist is in the party name. North Korea has democratic in their name.


Update 2:

I love to bust Bush’s bubble; religious freedom is protected and encouraged here. Yes, Fulon Gong is outlawed, but one of its biggest concerns is putting in place a political system that does not exist here, in affect, doing what we would yank tax exempt status for. (Unless you’re Jerry Falwell and the 700 Club….oops, he just died, ok, Pat Robertson). There are religious leaders from the west who have recently visited China and had free access to any church or religious activity without any government supervision whatsoever. They came away from China with a completely different and positive attitude.

Update 3:

michaelwhite... you didn't answer the question, that is why you got a thumbs down. Your assignment, get out a dictionary and start using your head instead of your emotions.

Update 4:

20 years ago 100% of businesses were state run. Now it is less then 30% and more and more businesses are being turned over to private enterprise. What will that figure be in 20 years, 30%, 10% or possibly 0%?

Update 5:

Socialism: any of various social systems based on shared of government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

Since China has largely let business handle its own affairs and has a free market system, socialism does not fit as well.

Update 6:


a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

Since President Hu is elected by their legislative body and must answer to them as well, plus there is republic type representation from the provinces in Beijing, the term Oligarchy is misleading as well.

Update 7:

凹^_^凹 yadda!

China talks the socialist angle, but everything indicates it isn't. It wasn't too long ago when China, when it started to emerge from it's communist/socialist government that they set up free market zones. Now the country is one huge free market. In fact, even I, an ex pat from the USA can set up a small or large business here.

Update 8:

My best defense of China, especially for people like swissarmor is to come and visit for themselves while leaving the fix it attitude, ugly Americanism and hate politics at home.

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    Look up the Ten Planks of Communism...then do a web Search....Look up the Venezuelan Government and Hugo Chavez, they are pretty much the same! They ARe IN FACT COMMUNIST!

    In Communism, the state owns and controls everything people are forced to work outside the home. Yes they are capitalist to a point, meaning all the money goes to those at the top Production is owned by the state. Taiwan is not part of them.

    Source(s): US Department of State US Department of Commerce..
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    Since no communist government actually is pure communism, China falls into the category of Totalitarianism. If you haven't noticed, except for the people who are high up in the government, the people ARE under strict control. People are still jailed for religious beliefs, the guy in charge of the pet food scandal has already been executed, people are starving to death since they have no money (except in major cities). China is nothing like America and that's why they're still considered a controlled country and a third world country.

    China is a Communistic, Totalitarian government that happens to have a strong export business and small import business by heavily taxing imports and abusing their workers.

    China is headed towards trying to economically damage other superpowers and trying to shift slowly out of their third world stigma. Hopefully the recent trade issues will wake up the US government to put more restrictions on the morally bankrupt country.

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    China was never a communist country, there was never a communist country in the world at all

    soviet union was a socialist country, it was the west who knows nothing about the communism theorny, they mislabelled all the socialist countries as the "communist" countries

    they all call themselves as the socialist, communism is the ultimate goal for the future

    so China was never a communist country, it calles itself a socialist country which the definition is different from the european's socialism

    it is capitalist in economy, socialist in political system

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    There are no true Communist governments anywhere, never were never will be. The closest they can achieve this end past the village is socialism. Like wise there are no true democratic governments, they are all Republics.

    Communism is a social standard.

    Capitalism is an economic standard.

    The two can exist simultaneously. though they affect each other they do not cancel each other since they are not in the same field of play.

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    No, I would not call China a Communist country.

    They fall under the category of Communist Totalitarianism:

    A small group of government leaders claim to derive power from the people.

    This small group adopts the Communism as their form of economics.

    Often these governments have seemingly democratic institutions such as assemblies and elections.

    All opposition is suppressed.

    Total control over all aspects of human affairs is exercised and reinforced by propaganda.

    And possibly could fall under an Oligarchy:

    A small group holds the power to govern. The power is derived from wealth, military power, social position, education, or some combination of these. Sovereignty is in the hands of a few.

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    China as any socialist power is a form of state capitalism rather than private enterprise (aka corporate capitalism) . It is moving towards a totalitarian mass society where individualism is subsumed by the corporate mass and complexity is lessened. If you don't pose a threat to the corporate body then you can function under the radar such as business, work, education even religion.

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    dude uve been to that hell hole 3 times as youve stated and all these questions youre trying to act like youre the expert in china? to begin with... who cares, its a shame you ask here just to bash other peoples remarks... you cannot talk for the whole of chinas people, its funny i havent seen many chinese agreeing ith you on here... when theres well over a billion citizens, YOU ARE ONLY A TOURIST and its a shame that yes, while the US isnt perfect, you would bash them on only to try to give a better light to a corrupt communist country who hates its own citizens, why dont u just join the taliban, they sold out a long time ago, after seeing their ideaocracy was a failed one, they just started to turn around the system and capitalize on it, just a big mafia... anyways... of all this what are u getting in return, i frankly dont care but ur last comment pissed me off... ill take it when its from a chinese citizen NOT A TOURIST whose been there 3 times, and can be bought over with a cheap bus ride a rentacop who didnt hold up a rifle at him, and a free tea at a govt office... i seriously doubt you have that ramboesque phisique, seriously who cares no americans jumping the gun trying to get there crossing a half world ocean as chinnese have... and that says way more about a country than anything a tourist could ever catch, its real sad the plight they endure for you to act like just cause they treat you well in 3 visits to china... we can all just forget about everything else, the us isnt perfect, but youre not being any better trying to defend another evil

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    the U. S. did no longer defeat Russia economically. the U.S. did itself in by potential of the inefficiency of centralized making plans and deteriorating social situations. militia spending grew extra desirable than they could cope with to pay for. The rouble replaced into valueless because of the fact Russia defaulted on its international debt after the revolution. China is succeeding by potential of generating products extra fee effectively and advertising vast parts international. ultimately, it is the buyer and not the government that chooses to augment China on the fee of yank jobs. by potential of ways, NAFTA has no longer something to do with China. NAFTA has been a great earnings to america, who originated the take care of Canada and Mexico.

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    I like China a lot. Interesting country with interesting people. I think I would view their current style as the new era of "Capitalist Communism" GOOD QUESTION

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    It gets confusing when you mix up political system and economic system. I think right now China looks like a totalitarian (politically) capitalism (economically), and US looks like a democratic (politically) socialism (economically). By the way, I have been to China, and the people seem free and happy in their daily lives. At least the economic boom gave many people social mobility and freedom.

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