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is ciara a man or a woman??????????

a few years ago someone told me that ciara was a man wen she was born but then somebody else told me that she wasnt i dont kno wut to bleive.

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    Ciara is a woman. She was born a female. Its so ridiculous that people are spreading false rumors about Ciara.

    Biography for

    Ciara (I)

    advertisement Date of Birth

    25 October 1985, Austin, Texas, USA

    Birth Name

    Ciara Princess Harris


    The First Lady of Crunk

    The Princess

    Princess of Crunk & B

    Ci Ci


    5' 8" (1.73 m)


    Name is pronounced like "Sierra."

    She originally wanted to become a model, before starting her music career.

    Is of Creole, German and Irish heritage.

    Used to be a cheerleader in high school.

    Her father was a military man.

    She joined a girl group called Hearsay that performed in Atlanta, but it was short-lived.

    Her mother was in the air force.

    She is good friends with Bow Wow.

    One day she saw Destiny's Child perform on TV and decided that that was what she was going to do.

    She has also lived in Germany, New York, California, Arizona and Nevada.

    Lil' Jon produced her debut single, "Goodies".

    Her album Goodies was a sales success, thanks to her many collaborations with stars like Ludacris, Missy Elliott and R. Kelly.

    Graduated from Riverdale High School in Atlanta in 2003.

    She co-wrote her song "Goodies".

    Is friends with Missy Elliott.

    Was accompanied by Bow Wow to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005.

    Wrote her song "And I" when she was 15.

    Named #35 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

    Her "MTV 2005 Hit List" consisted of: 1) Missy Elliott Lose Control 2) Chris Brown Run it 3) Black Eyed Peas My Humps 4) Ciara One Two Step 5) Madonna Hung up 6) The Pussy Cat Dolls Don't Cha 7) Gwen Stefani Holla Back Girl 8) Mariah Carey We Belong Together 9) Ciara Oh 10) Ne-Yo So Sick.

    Ranked #72 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

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    Shes a beautiful woman

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    ummm. im not tryin to be mean but im pretty sure she is a hermaphrodite which mean u r born a man and woman lik jamie lee certis the woman in the holloween movies is a hermaphrodite but non the less ciara is still pretty

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    she's a woman

    there was a man, in ireland, who changed himself into a woman (i think it was on Oprah) and his name was ciara

    anyway, rumors started about ciara being a man cause someone wanted to ruin her rep

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    she is a woman.

    but a couple years ago, i heard people say that she looked like a man [never thought that was true] but now, she definatly looks like a woman.

    Source(s): btw...ciara's music sucks
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    Believe that she is a person man or woman.

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    it is just a rummor she dont look,talk,dance,and dress, like no man n plus she went wit bow wow i pretty sure she aint a man if she went wit him

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    She's a woman. thats just a mean rumor spreading around.

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