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Who would win in a fight a sumo wresler vs a bodybuilder if they were both the same size and weight?

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    a sumo wrestler..

    bodybuilders train to be big and strong and cut..

    sumo wrestlers train to be big and powerful.. i know they don't punch or kick or even look in decent shape, but believe me they are powerful..

    have you ever seen a sumo wrestler open hand strike a heavy bag? some of these guys slap hard enough to knock a person out cold.. they work a lot on keeping a lower center of gravity which gives them enormous strength in their legs..

    they'd have to have strong legs they have to barrel into each other and try to of balance and up root the other huge guy..

    they also practice throwing.. imagine picking one of these huge guys up.. and slamming him?

    when these guys collide it sounds like two rams headbutting each other..

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    watch this video, notice the open palm strikes to the throat.. that don't feel good, and it ain't pretty..

    i know that people look at sumo wrestlers as just big guys in diapers that push each other out of a circle of dirt, but they are real martial artists.. and it does take skill to do what they do.. not just strength and size, although those do help..

    as for a bodybuilder, he may be strong, but he sure ain't going to be used to those huge hand's slapping his temples and crushing his throat..


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    Depends on the ordeal. If it was a fight, the sumo wrestler would win. They are trained to fight and they gain weight to stay grounded. They have considerable power under those layers of fat. A body builder may look more appealing, however he would only win in a lifting contest.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The sumo wrestler. The body builder may not know how to fight.

    And an average sumo wrestler weighs 400 pounds, a body builder averages around 210.

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  • ATWolf
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    1 decade ago

    I'd place my money on the sumo wrestler. The bodybuilder trains to look good and for health reasons; the sumo wrestler trains to fight in competition. So the wrestler would know more about how to hurt his opponent and how to avoid being hurt himself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the wrestler would definitely win. sumo matches are quite literally over in 2-5 seconds sometimes. plus, the body builder isn't trained for fighting, he's trained to have bulky muscles. A true sumo, however, dedicates his life to his sport and knows how to use it.

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Both wrestler and karate man are qualified fighter in their own field.Who will win the match between two karate fighter or between two wrestler.Definitely the stronger and more skilled person.Same applies to the match between karate fighter and a wrestler .

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