Why did the Elves leave Middle Earth?

Why did the Elves leave middle earth why couldnt they just stay with men? Men could still be dominat race even if Elves were still around. Also why did Frodo,Gandolf and Bilbo leave?

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    The next age was to be the age of men. Elves were not going to be the power they once were and so they left allowing men to rule without conflict from the elves. Also, the lands to the west is where the Elves came from in the first place. Most still had relatives whom the had not seen in centuries.

    To honor Frodo, Gandolf and Bilbo for all they had done in the fight against evil the Elves allowed them to also go to the western lands where they could live out the rest of their days in peace and tranquility.

    You should read "The Silmarilion". (bad spelling).

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    The Gray Havens are the point on Middle Earth from which they depart to Valinor. It's where the gods live, and where most of the elves used to live, until they left. The thing about elves is that they are unchanging, and middle earth is changing. The earth belongs to humans now, so they are going to the Undying Lands.

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    Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf (and Sam Gamghee) were all ring bearers of one form or another. (Gandalf had one of the three elven rings) The time for the power of the rings had past so the time that they were needed in middle earth passed. It's the same for the elves. Men no longer needed them and they have an instinctual call to the sea from the moment they are born. Legolas talks about it in Return of the King; how he will never again find peace under bough or leaf because he heard the sea bird's call. It's both a necessity for the age of men to take place and an instinctual need within the elves. If elves had stayed, middle earth would cease to develop because men would continue to look to them for guidance and their "magic." Middle earth would have reach a state of stagnation.

    Tim, Elrond and Galadriel both left when Bilbo and Frodo left. The only elf that is mentioned that does not travel to the undying land was Arwen. After aragorn died she went back to Lothlorien to see if her grandmother was still there, but found her to be gone. (yes, galadriel was her grandmother...her mother's mother.) Sam, Gimli and Legolas also went in their own time. Gimli is the only dwarf to ever have been afforded this honor.

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    There are like a 1000 opinions about why did the elves leave and not even two of them go the same, think Tolkien himself woun't be able do give a straight answer. My opinion is that the author wanted to leave it open and stir the imagination of evryone a little bit. The way I interpret (and its a very basic one) is that the elves have their age past and are loosing the magic, they have such a complex architecture and no construction crane or ather machinery I guess they need magic to bild an enourmous statues and keeping old broken swords sharp and without it their standart of life is going to diminish.

    And most importantly Tolkien was influanced by folklore tales and legends most of them have this kind of a little bit sad ending lake the tale of King Arthur at the end he is deadly wounded and is being taken to the mysthy rivers from where he will return when Britain neads him or the legend of the last bysantine emperor because his body was never found on the battlefield it is said that an angel took him into the caves under Constantinople and turn him into stone, but when the time comes he will awake from his stone dream to retake his city, just like the elves they are not dead but they are gone.

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    They leave because either way, their time was over. Sauron's ring gave the elves' rings power to govern their race so long as Sauron wasn't wearing it. With the ring of power to be either destroyed or falling back into the hands of Sauron meant that the elves would not have the power to govern their race anymore either way. The only reason they remained in middle earth before the war of the ring was because the ring of power was lost and therefore had no influence over them.

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    It seems clear from Tolkien's published works that with the destruction of the One Ring, the power of the Three Rings of the Elves would also end and the Age of Men would begin. Elves that remained in Middle-earth were doomed to a slow decline until, in the words of Galadriel, they faded and became a "rustic folk of dell and cave," and were greatly diminished from their ancient power and nobility. Tolkien does not explicitly state how long this "dwindling" process would take, but implies that while the power of the remaining Noldor would be immediately lessened, the "fading" of all Elvenkind was a phenomenon that would play out over hundreds and even thousands of years; until, in fact, our own times, when occasional glimpses of rustic Elves would fuel our folktales and fantasies.

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    It's because the Elves are planning a sneak attack on Idaho. Yep, that's the truth. Idaho seems to be the meccca of the Elves. If they didn't leave Middle Earth, they would have become more entangled with Hobbits and other Orcs. So they left there and some time in the not so distant future, it's Idaho that they're gonna take.

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    because the Keebler Cookie factories that they smithed in throught the first and second ages of Middle Earth closed down after a toxic cloud (that was released after an accident at one of the largest factories) floated over the Mines of Moria and killed and/or caused massive mutations in the dwarf population, setting into motion a horrid, long-lasting war between dwarves and elves that was all but forgotten after Smeagol found that silly little ring...

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    Not all the elves left middle earth, elron and the lady who helped frodo and sam never left

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    the first person answer it correct because i read the book the hobbit and they did want to see the other side

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