Are true Hawaiian women generally...uhm...let me put this gently?

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Thicker built? Big top, big bottom? I'm not understanding why I can't find a nice aloha dress for my wife who has an hour glass figure. The tops of the dresses I'm more
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Is your question about Hawaiian women or where you can find a dress for your wife?

Hawaiian women come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all beautiful. You'll find women who are top heavy, bottom heavy, both or neither.

As for finding a dress ofr your wife, try looking at Hilo Hattie. they will carry dresses for all shapes and sizes.
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  • babygirl62542 answered 7 years ago
    sugarBear if you're gonna be ignorant then you should keep your answers to yourself. you can't type cast a whole group of people and say that they are all one size, people come in all different sizes. and most of the cheap clothes you're talking about aren't even made in hawaii. but as for the question and where you can find a dress, you could look at hilo hattie, but manuheali'i makes some really nice clothes and their prints are original, they're made in hawaii, and no they aren't cheaply made, they know how to make them.
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  • gimemyporkhash answered 7 years ago
    no way. some are big, but since this is a new generation, most of them are pretty thin. if youre looking for a muu muu, then its not suppose to fit perfectly on a woman, or show any figure. its suppose to be a little spacious in there.
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  • gloria381948 answered 7 years ago
    Go to Hilo and they might be able to find something. Or send them an email with your wife's sizes. If you ever go to Honolulu, the Hilo Hattie's store can make your wife an aloha dress to fit her exactly right on site!!

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  • ... answered 7 years ago
    Hawaiian women are like normal women come in all sorts and sizes hour glass shape and all.sometimes big top or big bottom other times bother maybe you are at the wrong store try some were else
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  • soccerref answered 7 years ago
    Women in Hawaii come in all shapes and sizes.

    If you're looking for a muumuu, check out Hilo Hattie ( You should be able to find something that fits your wife. Be warned however that style of a true mu'umu'u is loose fitting so if you need to find something for a DD you'll have to buy a bigger size and the bottom will be like a big tent.

    Good luck!
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  • brk answered 7 years ago
    the clothes are made depending on who the major consumers are. like all businesses.
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  • sugarBear answered 7 years ago
    Hawaiian women are BIG BONED. Most of them here are chubby, fat.....that's why it's loose fitting, so it can fit their fat bodies. There are some skinny women, but the majority is fat. The style of clothing is beach attire. Think of what a Somoan woman would look like (like a wrestler). But that's not the reason why the dresses are that way. I think it's because they don't know how to make the clothes properly. It's cheap & made with no effort. Your better off buying her a wrap around Hawaiian Skirt.
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