Wouldnt a poll of the greatest sports teams ever be cool?

it is cool! it like this, tell me your fantasy world series, wrestlemania match, superbowl, nba final, stanley cup final etc

the trick is to pick through the greatest teams and for wrestlemania the greatest wrestler.

for example mine is:

-world series - the 1927 new york yankees vs the 2004 boston red sox (i know that both teams are american league but anyway)

-wrestlemania - stone cold steve austin vs the immortal hulk hogan hell in the cell - or - the rock vs shawn michaels street fight

-stanley cup - gordie howe redwings vs wayne gretzky kings

-superbowl - tom bradys patriots vs mike ditkas bears

-nba final - fab 5 detroit pistons vs jordans bulls

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    I'm not saying that these are necessarily the greatest teams/individuals ever, but rather, they represent the match-up's that I would be most interested in seeing.

    Wrestlemania - 1980's Hulk Hogan v. Dusty Rhodes in a cage match

    World Series - '84 Tigers v. '68 Cardinals

    Stanley Cup - don't know enough about NHL

    Super Bowl - '85 Bears v. '89 49ers

    NBA Final - '80 Lakers v. '98 Bulls

    Source(s): My love of sports (except hockey).
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    4 years ago

    First, I agree your attitude does nothing to improve the negative impression most Yankee fans have. Second, your question was not defined by sport, country, or era, and thus is open to all teams, of all time, in all places...certainly the Red Army team had an amazing history of success, dominating international play for some 20 years or more. In the context of American sports franchises, yes they are, and, with all due to respect to the prolific Chipmaker, the question was not "best in postseason", nor, "best since 1995". All teams experience swings, but we are viewing this as a whole, and there is no American team in any sport that can match the Yankees not only in terms of championships won and appeared in, but in prestige, iconic status and impact on our general society; the Yankees are used as a comparison whenever greatness is compared to sports teams; you do not hear people say "so-and-so are the Lakers or Celtics or 1947-1949 Sooners" of, say, racquetball; no, the analogy is to the Yankees. As to the people decrying the "bought" Yankees, I always offer my stock answer; do your homework, do not be a sheep. The Yankees won their last 4 titles with a team comprised mainly of middle tier players and draftees (Jeter, Rivera, Williams, Posada, Pettite, O'Neill, Brosius, Stanton, Nelson); after they lost to the Dbacks, Steinbrenner reverted to his crazy spending habits of the 70's and guess what? No titles and only 1 Series appearance since then. It is not how much you spend, but who you get; ask the Orioles of 1993-1997 if their huge investments were worth it.

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    I'd definitely go with Magic Johnson's Laker Team vs. Larry Bird's Celtic Team. That was the best series ever

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    1 decade ago

    Aikman's Cowboys against Brady's Pat's. Cowboys would blow them out.

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