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How can Americans thank the wonderful, educated and humble Jewish men/women serving in the White House?

Their intellectual insights have given the US an overwhelming advantage over China and the rest of the world.

Their advised had rid Iraq of Saddam & have given the people of Iraq the freedoms they never had.

Richard Perle and Paul Wolforwitz were willing to sacrificed their careers just to serve the United State of American. I wish there were more Americans like these two.

In just 7 years these Jewish advisers of Bush have made the world look up to the US for moral guidance. Something that had never happen under Christian advisers.

Our economy is doing great. People are united. Americans are love all over the world. Terrorist in Iraq and the world have been eliminated. Our media are 100% real news. Corruptions in Congress & the White house has been clean out. Prayers in the White House are in English.

What more can Americans ask for from these young men/women who are Jewish? I am so proud of them.

Please, join me in thanking them.



Henry VIII;

What is wrong with supporting these advisers of Bush? Do you have something against them that you are not telling me?

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    You are absolutely right. I wish more Americans were like those two. In fact I wish the non-Jews in the administration would sacrifice their careers just as much and be gone.

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    Wow another one who knows nothing about history.

    Take a look at the make up of the US Congress with respect to religion you might be shocked to see how many Jews there are. There are people working in Washington you probably don't even know are Jewish. It dosen't make a difference anyway. Anti-semitism was flourishing in Nazi Europe and now it looks like it is rearing its ugly little head here again too.

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    I think praising these people just because they're of Jewish faith or descent would be contrary to the ideals we try to hold.

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    oooh, I am excited... I can't wait to use the new yahoo BLOCK feature for the first time!

    ON YOU!

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    Well written. Every word is true.

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