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How to apply blush and how to make the face glow?

I really suck at apply blush and it's either i apply too much or too little and i really want that mac model look where my face glow because of the blush. How do I apply blush professional and how can i create a look that will help me glow? Does anyone have pictures or a video showing how? Thank you.

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    The trick lies in choosing the right blush color and learning how to apply blush correctly. But often blush remains the most misused makeup cosmetic. When it comes to applying your blush, less is best. Learn simple tips and tricks to get the blush just right!

    How to Apply Blush

    Determine your face shape before applying blush. Concentrate blush on the center of the face for high cheekbones. A rounder fuller face looks good with dusty pink or rose blush at the outside of the face near the hairline. Smile into the mirror to find out the 'apple spot' on your cheek. Apply blush from this spot to your hairline, taking care to blend well. There shouldn't be an obvious patch or line of color on the cheeks. Sweep powder blushes in one direction always. Always tap off excess powder blush before applying it on the cheeks. A dot of cream blush applied on the apples of the cheeks must be worked upon to blend with the hairline. A hint of shimmering blush on the highest point of your cheeks can add a hint of drama.

    Choosing a quality blush brush is the first step towards the right application. . Find a blush brush that is the size of the apple of your cheek for a perfect application. A full round blush brush can give a professional look to your blush makeup. A bigger brush gives better results - one with a dome-shaped head and generous fibers. For perfect blending or precise outlines, use a good set of makeup brushes for applying blush. Compact size blush brushes are too small and the bristles are not shaped properly. Do not use the same brush that is used for applying loose powder.

    How to apply blush for round faces - Give an illusion of slenderness by applying blush in a sideways V on the cheekbones. Blend it well and add a bit to the chin.

    How to apply blush for square faces - Soften the square angles of the face with dab of blush on the forehead and chin. Apply blush from the center of the eyes towards the cheekbones and blend.

    How to apply blush for rectangular faces - Apply blush below the outer corners of the eyes so as to reduce the elongated square shape.

    How to apply blush for oval faces - Apply blush to the prominent part of the cheekbone and blend towards the temples.

    Blush Color

    Choose blush to suit the occasion and the time of the day. What goes well for a dramatic evening can be over the top for office wear. For day wear, choose a lighter color than you would at night. Opt for pink shades in winter while in summer opt for peachy, warm hues. Soft natural pinks, beige and peach are ideal for a bright day. Pinch for cheeks for a second or two and check your blush color. A blush shade that mimics your natural coloring will avoid an artificial and comical look. Keep your blush color in the same palette as your lipstick shade. Check out shades of blush in natural lighting. Discard old blush shades from your makeup box. Combine shades to come up with new ones - best suited for your skin tone.

    Hope I could help!

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    Okay well since you have fair skin you would like to get a natural color. Try to go with sheer pinks. I like to have shimmer in my blush because it allows light to hit it nicely-I use Revlon soft mink- Next and I cannot stress enough it REALLY helps to have a blush brush. These are smaller than an all over face brush. Once you have the blush color you like and a brush lightly bursh it over the blush powder to only start with a little. Then smile and dot your cheeks. If your looking to make your cheekbones defined look in the mirror and from the bottom of your ear do a clean stroke down towards your nose but keep like 2 inches from your nose. If you want to glow I suggest using a light bronzer all over as well. If you do think your blush is overdone or if one side looks darker then the other use a cottonball over the darker side to lift the color. It's easier then trying to darken the other side cause then you just look silly! Good Luck!

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    Make sure that you have a good big brush. Dont use too much. You might want to sweep bronzer against your cheeks instead of blush. You can even but bronzer on top of your cheeks for that extra glow. Just swipe on your apples quiclky.

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    Apply 2-3 stokes on the apples of the cheeks

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    if you want your face to glow, use bronzer. for blush, use a dark neutral shade depending on your skin tone and apply it UNDER your cheekbones. if you don't know where that is, suck in your cheeks and then brush it on underneath. don't go too heavy though, or it will look weird.

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    all u have to do is smile and apply the blush to the apples of ur cheeks but dont put to much then u will look really old and stick to colors like skin colors or natrual colors

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    this is what i do. i wash my face, and then when my face is still a little wet, i apply moistureizer. it makes your skin look dewy. then let it sit for a little bit. once it's dry, smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, and along your cheekbones.

  • Perfect Pigment by Christina Sullivan - it's an all in one, comes with the right brush and comes with lipgloss - you also get an instruction cd

    try video tutorials at

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    Well go to Then sign up for the makeup studio and then you should go to the eyshadow section and they will give you the best tips ever.

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