Where do Warlocks get their powers from?

What is the origin of the term warlock? Can a warlock be good or evil?

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    Warlocks are, among historic Christian traditions, said to be the male equivalent of witches (usually in the pejorative sense of Europe's Middle Ages), and were said to ride pitchforks instead of broomsticks. In traditional Scottish witchcraft, "warlock" was and is simply the term used for a wizard, or male witch

    The commonly accepted etymology derives warlock from the Old English wǣrloga meaning deceiver, or "oathbreaker".[3] A derivation from the Old Norse varð-lokkur, "caller of spirits" has also been suggested,[4] however the Oxford English Dictionary considers this etymology inadmissible.[5]

    The Oxford English Dictionary also provides the following meanings of the word: Warlock v1 Obs. (ex. dial.) rare, also warloke: To secure (a horse) as with a fetterlock. Warlock v2: To bar against hostile invasion.[6]

    [edit] Modern witchcraft

    Although some modern practitioners of witchcraft identify as "warlocks", many avoid this term. Wiccans in particular consider it to be a pejorative term, meaning "oath-breaker".[7] In a Wiccan context, the word sometimes also has a quite different usage as a verb meaning "to bind", as with cords during an initiation ceremony, or prior to a ritual scourging.[8]

    [edit] Warlocks in books and comics

    In The Alefin Warlock (Book One of The War of Wills, by Drew J. Cormack), William O'Shetlaen is a fallen Warlock veteran who fought in the Holy War against the Yuglovian Empire, the powerful race of goblins that dwell in Nifelheim.

    Warlocks became the name for the male witches in Andre Norton's Witch World series. Witches ruled Estcarp and male witches were uncommon until Simon Tregarth appeared in the book titled Witch World.

    In the Sword of Shannara books by Terry Brooks, the Warlock Lord was Brona, a druid who delved too deeply and quickly into forbidden knowledge and was corrupted by it.

    Christopher Stasheff wrote a series of science fiction/fantasy novels about a technological warlock, beginning with The Warlock in Spite of Himself.

    Warlocks are an alien race in the comic book series The New Mutants, which was adapted into a Commodore 64 video game. There, a warlock possesses the ability to alter his body to become different objects, and he finds sustenance by absorbing the energy from organic materials, leaving a lifeless husk in its wake.

    Warlock is Monster in My Pocket #51. In the comic book series, he led the evil monsters and his portrayal hinted at Magneto. In the video game, he was immediately established as the villain and was the final boss, who attacks in a completely different way after being defeated once. In the second attack, he produces Windigos from his eyes. In the 2003 animated series, Warlock became the hero, and his evil brother Morlock became the villain.

    In JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore is Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. As Dumbledore is one of the chief protagonists of the series, the term seems to have no negative connotation here.

    In Mollie Hunter's Thomas and the Warlock, Hugo Gifford is a wicked and fearsome warlock with black eyes who casts no shadow due to a trick he played on the devil.

    In the book "Warlock" by Wilbur Smith, the Egyptian slave Taita becomes "The Warlock", after spending years in the desert, studying and praying.

    Adam Warlock is a popular character in the Marvel Comic Universe.

    The Warlock is a powerful magician in "The Magic Goes Away" by Larry Niven

    [edit] Warlocks in games

    In the Shadowgate series, the Warlock Lord, Talimar, betrayed the Circle of Twelve and summoned the Behemoth, but was unable to control it.

    In the Warcraft series, warlocks are evil sorcerers, drawing their powers from demonic sources in exchange for their souls. In World of Warcraft, a warlock is a cloth-wearing, spellcasting character class that was corrupted by shadow magic, retaining their knowledge of fire magics and gaining strong shadow magic. Warlocks are not overpowered. (They have three different talent paths; affliction, demonology and destruction). Although they gain their power from demons, they resist total, evil corruption. By gathering Soul Shards from their foes, they can summon minions to aid them. There are 7 different demons to summon and control. An Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter, Infernal, Doomguard and Felguard. They also have the ability to enslave or banish nearby demons; however, after a while these enslaved and banished demons will turn on the warlock and begin to attack surrounding allies. A warlock's true power doesn't lie in burst damage, but in their ability to cast DoT (Damage over Time) curses and spells that damage enemies over a period of time. They also have the ability to cause an opponent to run in fear (losing control of their character) for several seconds, giving their DoTs time to take effect. The Warlocks is powerful in single combat against most foes, but World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment, balances PvP combat around a group confrontation.

    There was a game called Warlock for the Sega Genesis that involved a powerful warlock attempting to gain a series of rune stones that the player (a Druid) is pressed to seek out first. The game is known for its extreme difficulty and unique yet solid control scheme.

    In the Shadowbane MMORPG, warlocks are psychokinetic telepaths that attack and defend themselves using only the will of their minds, utilizing self-awareness and intense focus where other classes would rely on magic, armor, or physical strength and dexterity. In Shadowbane, Warlocks can be mage or fighter-based, and are known somewhat for their rare damage type, (mental), and for their ability to take on a wide variety of foes without the help of others.

    In Dark Age of Camelot, the warlock is a spellcasting character class in the realm of Midgard. Norse, Frostalf, and Kobold are the races capable of becoming a warlock. Warlocks in DAoC are unique casters in their ability to cast and land two spells at once, although they trade longer casting times for this ability. Their other defining trait is the ablitity to "chamber" spells: they can cast and hold spells to trigger for instant effect.

    In the RTS Battle Realms, the warlock is the third-tier unit of the Lotus Clan. Warlocks are powerful sorcerers, striking with bolts of destructive magic at their enemies. They are feared for their Battle Gear "Soul Chill", which is a stackable Area of Effect piercing attack. Warlocks are also unaffected by speed reduction from terrain and are often the fastest when moving up slopes. However, they have a disadvantage when fighting at units on cliffs, as their attacks often strike the cliff face instead of their intended tragets. Massing warlocks is a tactic often used by beginners, and they are effective even at few numbers. Warlocks can further be trained into Master Warlocks, who are spiritual beings of arcane might.

    In Tactics Ogre, a Warlock was a scholarly type of magician who researched ancient languages. They could boost the power of nearby golems and help troops out with support magic, slow down enemies with status-inducing magic, or use Dragon Magic to attack all enemies at once. They were very fragile and easily killed, however. In Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, Warlocks were changed from a pure spellcaster to a hybrid of an attacker and a spellcaster. Their preferred weapon was a sword and they could use their ability, Barren Soul, to attack an enemy with a sword of the opposite element. (It did not work on enemies of the Virtue or Bane elements, however.) If they weren't aiding the front lines, they were in the back slowing down the enemy with status-inducing spells or aiding allies with spells.

    In Dungeons & Dragons, Warlocks are an alternative arcane spell-casting Core Class introduced in the Complete Arcane sourcebook. Warlocks do not learn or gain spells like other mages. Instead, they have access to a small pool of Invocations, special Spell-Like Abilities that suffer some of the drawbacks of conventional spells, such as the ability to be interrupted and the requirement of somatic components. They also have other special abilities, such as their primary weapon, the Eldritch Blast. What makes them a match for other mages is that their Invocations can be used an unlimited amount of times per day, so they do not run the risk of running out of spells. Warlocks gain their power through ties, forged intentionally or unintentionally, with alien, chaotic forces, primarily fiends.

    In Rifts, Warlocks are spellcasters who join into a pact with Elementals, and bind themselves to their power. Warlocks have a kind of brotherhood with both Elementals and other Warlocks, and will treat each other cordially and with respect, even if they're about to battle each other.

    There is an online game server, Warlocks, which is based on the game Spellbinder by Richard Bartle.[9]

    In The Legend of Zelda, Ganondorf is a warlock who does morph into another form a.k.a Ganon.

    In Eternal Champions and its follow-up, Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side, the character Xavier Pendragon's backstory shows him to be a warlock.

    In the Myth series, mainly in Myth II: Soulblighter and Myth III: The Wolf Age, there are the Warlocks of Scholomance, they cast powerful fireballs as their main attack.

    In Halo 2, it is a small, 8-player multiplayer map.

    In Lineage II, its one of the three advanced jobs that can be chosen by a player who has taken the Human Wizard path, after completing the quest "Mark of the Summoner". Warlocks are mages specialized in summoning magic, using the "arcana" (the path to other realms) to make a vow with extradimentional beings, which become their "servitors", and to call for magical spirits known as "cubics". Warlocks can summon player controlled servitors, as well as non-controlled spirits that assist the player.

    In role-playing game Mage: The Awakening, Mages walking the Mastigos path are often referred to as Warlocks. These Mages are connected to the Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet in the Realm of Pandemonium, and use magic as a means to gain personal power. The Arcana they're assosiated with are Mind and Space, subtle Arcana used to gain control over others.

    In the WitchCraft RPG warlocks are a slang term used by the Wicce to describe the Rosicrucians.

    The majority of these, as well as many other computer role playing games, share a fundamental contradiction in that they allow players to create their Warlock character as a female, contradicting common folklore and mythology which predominantely elaborate the Warlock as a male witch.

    In the new Korean (also English closed betas) MMORPG Granado Espada, a warlock is one of the few classes you can be. Warlocks are designed to be the Nuke class of the game.

    Another Korean Online Game, called Grand Chase, uses Warlock word contradicting the common folklore, because in this game Warlock is the third class of the sorceress Arme, and her weapon is a magic lamp with geniuses inside.

    In a custom map of Warcraft III The Frozen Throne called DOTA, Warlock is a powerful hero of the Scourge that can heal allies, slow enemies in a wide radius, spread damage and can summon a golem which stuns the enemies in an "Area of Effect".

    In Titan Quest a warlock is a class where spirit and rogue mastery combine.

    [edit] Warlocks in film and television

    Warlock is a 1959 film based on a novel by Oakley Hall.

    The movie Warlock, from director Steve Miner, shows a warlock as being the son of Satan.[10]

    The television series Dark Shadows had several warlocks make their presence known. In the 1840 storyline, the decapitated head of warlock Judah Zachary unleashed terror upon the Collins family. The 1897 storyline featured a great deal of witchcraft and black magic rituals on the parts of Evan Hanley, Quentin Collins, & Count Petofi. In 1968, the evil warlock Nicholas Blair appeared, claiming to be the brother of Cassandra Collins aka the powerful witch Angelique. Most warlocks on the show received their powers from a diabolic source. Although it was left unexplained where the vast supernatural powers of the Hand of Count Petofi originated.

    The television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a number of warlocks, which were depicted as being the male analog to witches. A notable example includes the warlock Rack.

    Warlocks were common villains in early seasons of Charmed, depicted as evil witches that steal other witches' powers. They are described as being the lowest of the demon types. It should be noted that male witches in Charmed are called witches.

    The movie The Covenant (film) featured Warlocks as the central characters.

    The television series Bewitched uses the terms witch and warlock to refer to female and male practitioners of magic, respectively.

    [edit] Music

    In music, the guitar company B.C. Rich, has an electric guitar body design called the Warlock. Warlocks are commonly seen with the widow headstock, but occasionally have a standard electric guitar headstock. Mick Thomson of the band Slipknot used to play a signature solid black warlock B.C. Rich electric guitar, but he switched over to Ibanez.

    The Warlocks was also the original name of the San Francisco-based 1960's rock band that came to be known as the Grateful Dead. The band's original core members included Jerry Garcia (lead guitar), Bob Weir (rhythm and lead guitar), Phil Lesh (bassist), Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (organ and harmonica), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums).

    One of The Velvet Underground's original names was The Warlocks, as well

    Warlock is the name of a late '80s rock band, whose lead singer is Doro Pesch.

    Warlocks is the name of a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers featuring a guest appearance by Billy Preston.

    Worlock is the name of a song by Skinny Puppy from their 1989 album, Rabies. Besides being a top fan favorite, the song is somewhat 'infamous' for several reasons; primarily the gruesome x-rated music video which is a collage of hundreds of violent clips from horror films (Making it essentially banned due to complete copyright infringement) and also in regards to an incident involving a group of young boys beating and torturing another to death while forcing him to listen to the song on repeat. Due to the abstract nature of singer Ogre's lyrics, it would not be unreasonable to assume the theme of the song compares his 'betrayal' of his girlfriend due to substance abuse to that of the betrayal undertaken by a Warlock.

    Warlock Records released Colonel Abrams "Music is the Answer" as well as several other seminal house music classics.

    There is a secret track at the end of Probot's self titled album which is widely known as "I am the Warlock." Which contains lyrics related to a warlock releasing mass destruction on the world and controlling demons. Along with Probot, in this song, Jack Black does the voice of the "Warlock."

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    I am pretty sure that they get their powers from the earth. I also have learned sometime ago that there are no Warlocks. That they are only Male Witches. They are said to be liars and decievers and have corrupted the Powers that they have and make the good ones all sound bad and scary.

    There is a legend of "Warlock Willie" who was buried in a township cemetary. In the paper it said that his sister-in-law was a witch who practiced only Black Magic and that he and her are buried next to each other. It was one of the first cemetaries in Scio Township. They had buried a thorn tree that was said to be a cutting of the thorn tree that they made Christ's head of thorns that he wore.

    I have been to that cemetary and and indeed there is a very large thorn tree that covers two graves. Although someone has dug up his grave recently and stole the bones and the headstone for him. They destroyed all of the stones there also, his being the only one dug up. In fact there are several thorn trees in that cemetary now.

    I don't know what it is about that land as anyone who goes there terrible things happen to them. I have had family members that had gone there and were nearly killed in different kinds of accidents. I wish I had not ever gone there myself as I have had 18 friends and family members die. I went last year and between March and July of 2006, 15 of them had died and the last one to die was Nov.17,2006 and he was my Godson and Nephew. Less than 4 months before Harry dies, his father was killed by a drunk driver. It was my sister's husband and then her middle child.

    I will never go back there again and we have a tape of a male voice who sounds so evil. I never knew that someone could really have an evil tone to it and this one is awful to listen to.

    I do not believe that all male witches are evil but I rest assure you that this one is.

    I live in Michigan and thorn trees just don't grow here, yet the ones there are very large with large sharp thorns. This kind of tree grows in an arid part of the world.

    I hope I have answered some of the questions that you asked.

    Source(s): From first hand experience and from others as well.
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    Warlocks get their power from the same place witch's do. From the earth. The term warlock was created due to male magicians who used there talent for war like purposes. Warlocks can be good or evil.

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    Most Pagans and Wiccans don't go by Warlock or Wizard and to some its very insulting. They are Witches, just like the rest of us.

    We don't get "powers". We use magic that everyone is capable of and most religions use it. They call it prayer and miracles.

    I suppose anyone could be good and evil but the law of return and the law of three fold and karma usually nip that in the bud.

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    The word warlock means deceiver; oath breaker. It doesn't refer to any type of power, it refers to a person who is a traitor to his friends and his coven. I would say they're all evil by that definition.

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    generally i would have to agree with the majority here. The commonly accepted etymology derives warlock from the Old English wǣrloga meaning deceiver, or "oathbreaker". A derivation from the Old Norse varð-lokkur, "caller of spirits" has also been suggested. i myself being also pagan, have mostly stayed clear of people (not always a man) calling them selves warlocks. in my experience they delve into the darker side of magick, blood rituals and such. you being a Wicca should ask him to explain just what beliefs he follows. he may just be mistaken in his terminology. but in the chance he does practise the dark arts. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!! it will only lead to trouble for you if you don't. again personal experience here.

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    warlocks are evil they are the oath breakers the ones who seek to be evil...

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    technically a warlock is an oath breaker or a castrated male so um yeah...

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    Might is always right.

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