Is Scientology real? L Ron Hubbard?

I remember reading years ago that L Ron Hubbard said if you want to make money start a religion. So he started Scientology as a joke. Then it took off and when he realized what was happening, he disassociated himself with it. Has anyone else heard of this? I think it was in Time magazine about 20 yrs ago or so.

Also, what is the basic premise of Scientology? Do they believe in Jesus - that he is the son of God?

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I am a believer in Jesus Christ & I think the bible holds all the truths. Once out of curiosity I went into the Scientology bldg in NYC & the people were very friendly & didn't try to kidnap me or anything. They were even setting up a Christmas Tree!!! Seems like more of a philosophy than religion to me.

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    Actually it was George Orwell who said that. But hey

    if you want to believe everything you read in magazines and newspapers that"s up to you.

    Here's a factual description of Scientology (which is very real and doing fine) :

    Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. When I say "applied" I mean you actually use it in your life to change or improve existing conditions. It is a very practical religion.

    All religions if you learn about them have a basic philosphy, but they also have certain dogma, rituals and observances, and a certain faith or belief is required. There is nothing wrong with this, but Scientology is not that kind of religion. It does not intrude on anyones faiths of beliefs in the area of God , the Supreme Being, or the Infinite. This area is left totally up to the indivdual as pasrt of his life. It does not conflict.

    You can have no specific religious beliefs and still benefit from it.

    And it is only true for you according to your own observation and experience with it.

    It is also not a messianic religion. This means there is no worship of messiahs in Scientology. There are no “beliefs” as such because a truth should be according to ones own observation and experience.

    The dictionary definition that applies:

    Religion: The spiritual or emotional attitude of one who recognises the existence of superhuman power or powers.

    The most basic principle of Scientology is that YOU are your own immortal soul, that this is not a "thing" you HAVE but what YOU actually are.

    The whole purpose of Scientology is to increase an individual's understanding and awareness of himself. and lifeAnd thereby his native abilities .

    When you do this the sphere and zone of his positive influence increases and moves outward into his life, his family ,his friends, his groups and mankind which he is part of.

    How this result is achieved is the "technology" of Scientology, which was developed by L.Ron Hubbard after his extensive research and the discoveries he made, about the human spirit. The basic religious philosophy and knowledge of Scientology is very old, going back 10,000 years at least to the Veda or Vedic Hymns from the East. L. Ron Hubbard researched and made new discoveries about the human spirit. He developed technology from these discoveries to apply to increase spiritual awareness and ability.

    He completed his research before his death in 1986 and left all of his results and copyrights

    to the Church of Scientology along with most of his considerable personal estate, when he died.

    He published a book in 1951 to communicate the basic principles he discovered called: " Scientology The Fundementals of Thought"

    There are currently over 10 million Scientologists in more than 163 countries world wide. However we are a new religion, only 53 years old.

    The true story of Scientology as a religion goes like this:

    1. A philosopher developes a philosophy about life and death.

    2. People find it interesting.

    3. People find it works.

    4. People pass it along to others.

    5. It grows.

    This is just an overview.

    L. Ron Hubbard explained fully the theology and technologies of Scientology in more than 500,000 pages of writings, including dozens of books and over 2,000 tape-recorded public lectures. So it's not possible to fully answer your question on this forum.

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    Yes, Scientology is real. It has influence in society it is spoken about by billions of people. It has thousands of groups and organisations across the planet.

    Good Control : Harmonious alignment.

    Bad Control : Disharmonious alignment.

    LRH from a Technical Bulletin.

    L.Ron Hubbard, well, he was L. Ron Hubbard. He did a lot of research, traveled, observed life, asked questions, answered many questions, wrote books, started numerous groups and activities, explored, mapped both physically and Spiritually. And certainly much, much, more.

    No, he never disassociated himself from Scientology, although he did get other people to run it organisationally. He had further research to do to finish the 'Bridge to Total Freedom'.

    The basic premise of Scientology is Total Freedom as a Spiritual Being.

    As a Scientologist 'I believe' there was a man on this planet that was far more Spiritual than many. He may have been called Jesus or Isa or some other local name. I am sure that he was a Spiritual Being with a greater and more intimate understanding of God than most. His body was from earth and he the Being, I can only assume from a Spiritual Realm. As far as Son of God, I don't know. It is certainly possible, I have not seen it disproved.

    Thank you for the question. Good luck sifting through the false information.

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    Waterlily, I agree with MichaelJRipley on this one. And yes, good luck on sifting through all the other false answers and fabrication.

    By the way, if it's any help, "ZeroCool" has been copying and pasting his own agenda on Scientology-related questions. I suggest ignoring him.

    "Making more money to start a religion" was actually a quote from the science fiction writer George Orwell, author of the book 1984. The quote was often falsely attributed to Mr. Hubbard.

    Best source for your quest is by checking the official website of this religious philosophy. Anti-Scientology sites would not be the best way to go since they would not say nice things and are at best deluded.

    See As I recall, they have a question & answer section that answers their views on God, etc.

    Good luck!

    Source(s):, and greatly helped in my experience with Scientology now 25 years strong.
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    Scientology is a bad influence to people, and Hubbard was a hypocrite and a lier. That's all I gotta say. About Xenu, only people who was in the cult long enough and at "top level" learn about aliens and Xenu. In other word, BRAINWASHED.

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    Actually, Scientology is based on a fictional sci-fi novel by L. Ron. The idea is that the inhabitants of earth are aliens from other planets (oh yeah). Nope...they do not believe in Jesus or God or anything religious...well, religious as we know the term.

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    you are absolutely correct!!!!!!!!! L. Ron Hubbard started the religion as a farce based on the quote you stated. and much to his took off! Many are unaware that Hubbard denounced scientology and pronounced Jesus on his deathbed!!!!! I wonder if Tom Cruise has a justification for that???

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    Scientologists are a bunch of money hungry liars and Ron L. Hubbard did not believe in anything but himself. Scientology is based on a book he wrote (FICTION) where he claimed we were dropped on this planet by Aliens and we have things like anxiety that they planted in us that we have to get rid of to reach our full potential, they call them engrams I think. The first thing they want you to do when you go to a so called "Church" of Scientology is OPEN YOUR WALLET! Please don't be like those Hollywood morons!! What they do is no different then other Psyhcologist or Yoga practice that claims to cure you of your stress. You can cure that yourself, relax, exercise, eat right and reading The Book of Psalsm from the Bible wouldn't hurt either. PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE THOS IDIOTS!

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    Since L. Ron Hubbard is dead...

    It's pretty obvious Scientology doesn't do a damn bit of good...

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    Scientology is a path to find your own personal truth, these are the principles:

    1. Man as we know him has three parts: Body, Mind and Spirit but the spirit is man’s true form. Man’s individuality, purpose and self determinism are originated in the spirit.

    The second part of man is the mind, the mind is a bank of mental image pictures were all his experiences are stored. The spirit uses these memories to estimate future action effort and make decisions. We call these decisions ‘postulates’. A ‘postulate’ is a conclusion, decision or resolution made by the individual himself on his own self-determinism on data of the past to resolve problems on the past decide on present problems and observations and sets a pattern for the future.

    The parts of the mind:

    a. The analytical mind is the conscious and aware mind which thinks, observes data, remembers it and resolves problems. It would be essentially the conscious mind as opposed to the unconscious mind.

    b. The reactive mind is the portion of the mind that was created during moments of unconsciousness or severe pain. This part of the mind that is occluded to the spirit but still impinges upon the spirit in a stimulus response sequence. This mind is the source of irrational fears and inexplicable emotions, pains and psychosomatic illnesses.

    The third part of man is the body this part of man is the specialty of medicine and NOT Scientology. But I will tell you a little secret; the brain is not the mind. Man’s mind is far superior than the brain or any computer. First the brain doesn’t have the capacity to store not even a fraction of the mind’s memories. Secondly the amount data required to recreate man’s thinkingness is far beyond the abilities of the brain. We are talking about millions of gigabytes of data being instantly transferred from the memories banks to man’s consciences for analysis. Just think about it, brain cells are not even a good conductor of electricity. It is physically impossible for brain cells to transfers such high amount of data. All what the brain is the center of the nervous systems, the brain controls movement, glands and receives information from it’s sensor but all thinkingness of man is done by the spirit. You are not a biological machine, you are a spiritual being that has a mind and controls a body through a brain.

    2. Dianetics rehabilitation technology assists the individual in exploring his own mind on a self determined basis in order to eradicate the reactive or unconscious mind. In order for the reactive mind to exist it needs to be occluded from the spirit but once the spirit have look and examined the reactive mind, the reactive mind disappears and its data becomes part of the analytical mind.

    3. Scientology spiritual rehabilitation technology addresses the rehabilitation of the individuals or groups ability and ethics. Dianetics is an important part of Scientology but it only addresses the reactive mind whereas Scientology addresses all parts of life including communication, learning and morals.

    4. Scientology doctrine as a religion holds as its most important axiom “What is true for you is what you your self observe to be true.” This axiom promotes individual thinkingness and independence. In fact it is a high crime in Scientology for anyone to tell anyone what to think or what to believe in. In Scientology it is YOU that do the exploring, YOU that do the observations and YOU come up with your own conclusion.

    5. Scientology has highly trained experts to assist you in this journey. We call these experts auditors, auditors are not counselors because they don’t give counsel or opinion. The role of the auditor is to listen and ask a question or command, these questions or commands are geared towards calling your attention to observe a part of life and YOU, by making these observations you gain new data and you reach new conclusions.

    The Auditor follows this code:

    “1. I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.”, “11. I promise never to get angry with a preclear in session.”, “24. I promise to see that any donation received for processing is refunded, following the policies of the Claims Verification Board, if the preclear is dissatisfied and demands it within three months after the processing, the only condition being that he may not again be processed or trained.”

    6. This link has 28 different religious studies papers on Scientology made by religious scholars: Also see this link:

    7. Scientology vs. Psychiatry. Psychiatry is a dogma that believes that self awareness, feelings, love and faith is merely cellular activity. Basically they think that you are your brain and you are not in charge of your behavior but your cells are. But contrary to their beliefs Psychiatry bases it’s diagnosis on opinion and opinion alone. There aren’t any pathological tests that can determine if a person is mentally ill.

    In the following video two college professors explain that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Happiness, exhilaration, depression and psychosis are states of mind, not diseases. All what you have to do to stop being depress is change your state of mind and you CAN do that.

    Note: Scientology doesn't have anything against Psychology or Neurology.

    8. Scientology is a force for good in society and fights dangerous and harmful drugs and Psychiatric abuses, criminality, and drug addiction. And Scientologists initiated the social reform group "Youth for Human Rights" and the movement "Say no to drugs and yes to life".

    Scientologists are some of the more intelligent, able, successful and happy people in this planet; including Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Sofia Milos and Leah Remini.

    Scientology is composed more than 6,000 churches, missions and groups, employing over 10,000 members, over 10 million people have taken Scientology services WW.

    9. Scientology doesn't ask for donations from their parishioners during their Sunday Services. All chapel services are 100% free (marriages, naming ceremonies, ect). Scientology uses an exchange system to finance its organizations, basically earns its money by delivering services. You do not need to buy services to be in Scientology. All you need to do to be a Scientologist is to read the books and apply Scientology to your life. But if you want auditing there are many alternative and economical ways to achieve this.

    a. You can do volunteer work in your local church and get your services for free.

    b. You can study to become an auditor and perform all auditing with a fellow student. This way you also become a trained auditor and you can provide free services to friends and family.

    10. Scientology means “knowing how to know” and follows a tradition of 10,000 years in the study of life and the spirit. Scientology earliest ancestor is the Veda (the Veda means knowingness or sacred lore) continued with the Tao-The-king (also known as Taoism and it means “the way to solving the mystery which underlines all mysteries”) continued by the Dhyana (that means knowingness or lookingness), continued by the works of Gautama Sakyamuni also know as Gautama Buddha (a Buddha or Bodhi is one that has attained intellectual and ethical perfection by human means).

    “The words of Christ of were a lesson of compassion and they set a very fine example” The Phoenix Lectures by LRH

    11. L Ron Hubbard (13 March 1911 – 24 January 1986), was a literary genius that published more than two hundred stories and novels between 1927 and 1941. As a Hollywood screenwriter during this same period he wrote the screen plays for films such as The Mysterious Pilot and The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, while his The Secret of Treasure Island stands as one of the most profitable serials of all time. With a regular production of one hundred thousand words a month LRH was the undisputed king of high-speed production writers. In fact he had the ability to produce a whole story in a couple days of work by only using a manual type writer (believe it or not). Amazingly in the 1980ties he did a come back as a writer by producing the best sellers ‘Battlefield Earth’ and the decaology (ten volume series) Mission Earth. LRH had 21 consecutive international bestsellers, a feat unmatched in publishing history.

    LRH could have lived a very profitable and idle life as a writer but he chose to use his earnings and industry to research the human spirit and human mind. This research later became Dianetics and Scientology. LRH produced 5,000 writings and 3,000 tape-recorded lectures on the subject of Dianetics and Scientology. Contrary to popular belief L Ron Hubbard never profited from Dianetics and Scientology but it actually cost him many millions. Dianetics and Scientology are LRH’s gift to humanity. LRH also developed drug rehabilitation, educational and management programs. Humanity will always be indebted for the contributions of LRH.

    For more questions see my blog:


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    If one of its members is Tom Cruise, what else can you expect?

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