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How do you foresee this Adm handling the US crisis if some disaster occurs(I hope not) as THEY predict?

How might the800+ concentration camps in US come into play plus considering Internet monitoring and the Sedition Act?

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    The detention centers in question are being readied for operation for illegal immigrants - and I believe trouble makers as well. The neocons want Mexico's oil - so this is the threat to get them to give in to the demand.

    Lets look at the immigration question and see how this is all connected:

    We're hearing about amnesty from the right - but there is something even more sinister in this bill than the amnesty part of it. They used amnesty as the hot button on purpose - in order to distract people from the REAL problem in this bill (which can be read in full online btw). In order to turn right against left, as usual, to DISTRACT US.

    * The bill, even when the amnesty part is revised, requires every American citizen to have the new American ID card. We will each have to go through Federal clearance, the same level as a US passport. We will not be able to get paid or have a bank account without this card. It's the equivelent of the 'papers' that everyone was issued in Nazi Germany, and I exaggerate not! (read on)

    * There is something very under-reported in the works between the Bush administration, Canada and Mexico. It is called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It is an extension of NAFTA, and its goal is expand our borders in order to protect us from terrorism, make trade across borders easier for the corporations, and MOST importantly force (YES FORCE) Mexico and Canada to privatize their OIL.

    * After Katrina, Homeland Security contracted Haliburton to prepare hundreds of 'illegal immigrant detention and processing centers' for opening their doors. (google this please) There is room to house at least 1 million people; illegal aliens and God knows who else!

    * Bush is holding this over Mexico's head, trying to force Mexico into agreeing on this Partnership in order to get the OIL.

    *The Partnership is unconstitutional; it greatly inhibits our sovereignty in the US and in Mexico and Canada. It is for Big Money, who is driven by the Military Industrial Complex which is out to acquire OIL.

    * Bush has based his war strategy on the PNAC (Project for a New American Century), which was written by Wolfowitz and Libby. (look it up - its all there!) It justifies pre-emptive strikes if there is enough 'evidence' to prove a threat to our resources. There are billionaires trying to secure the OIL in the world because our economy is petroleum based. They are willing to stop at nothing to do so!

    * The same business people on the board of directors in the Mainstream Media are also on the board of directors in all the corporations that profit BIG TIME from Oil and War. The neocons and the new democrats answer to the War Profiteers, NOT the people. They are the majority of our elected officials! They are trying to take over our government, and if this Partnership deal goes through, America is DEAD.

    * This is what they don't want us knowing so they don't report it on the news. They are purposefully keeping the PEOPLE in the dark! America is at great risk - NOT from the Republicans or the Democrats but from the TRAITORS posing as public servants. Their agenda is NOT ours! The future they are planning will benefit the very rich only! We are facing feudalism again. WAKE UP!!!

    * The next bill wont have amnesty but it will still further their REAL objective, which is to get the Partnership passed, and force Mexico into privatizing their OIL.

    Our country has been taken over by the Military Industrial Complex.

    google anti-neocons

    read the 9/11 posts

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    Just the same way every other crisis, disaster, and debacle has been handled. Funnel more money from the public treasury into private enterprise. Hire contractors to hire subcontractors to hire subcontractors until no one is left to do the actual work. Squander billions among wealthy cronies, while eliminating services for the poor.

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    it is no longer difficulty-free to assert as no person considered this catastrophe coming interior the gulf yet as long as mankind keeps development in to threat zones and acts with a cavalier suggestions-set in the direction of the ecosystem. it is going to strike returned harshly. I see earthquakes and typhoons and hurricanes bringing the main mess ups regardless of the undeniable fact that. are you able to think of the worst case subject of yet another Katrina now and we are headed in the direction of our typhoon season?

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    I have a crush on gotfreedom? I agree with her on this one. Couldn't have put it any better. Oh btw, the Iraqi Congress is considering legislation to privatize their oil with Bush's gun to their heads. Opposition is growing. Good for them!!

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    Kudos to gotfreedom?!!!!!!!!!!! She knows where it's at. What a pity most other Americans don't, which they will live to regret.

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