Why are we loosing our American values (honesty, generiousity, hard working and kindness) for selfishness?

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    1 decade ago
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    It was by no accident that this has happened.It has been carefully planned and well orchestrated since as far back as the 1920's.

    We have the 'elite' and members of the 'Skull and Cross bones' and other Communist organizations that have manipulated American society on every level to cause us to become so stupid,dysfunctional,

    desensitized to perversion,corruption and crime among other things that America basically falls apart and 'they' can bring about Communism without so much as a cry from us who they consider to be 'herd'.

    Our President is a member of Skull and Cross bones by the way along with Kerry and many other powerful figures who run this Country.

    An excellent site to go to that explains it all in rather interesting detail is: http://savethemales.ca/000499.html

    click on 'Silent weapons for secret wars' and see what they have been up to for the past 70 years.

    Everything you have been witnessing take place here in America is a direct result of the seeds our enemys have planted to promote evil beyond comprehension all because they hate Christianity and Judiasm and embrace Communism.

    The site I gave you lists the names also of all of it's members from the very beginning to present with allot of other vital information as well.

    If you want to avoid their trap I suggest you start by giving up television and carefully selecting movies to watch on DVD.Don't believe the media because their part of the cause of America's decay.Don't go into dept,take your children out of public School and place them in private,stay married because they want people to divorce and be alone,spend time with your children more than anything because it's their souls they want to ruin the most and if they can't get to them you have a better chance of influencing them instead,read the bible and be careful which church you attend if you attend any at all because even some churches have been corrupted by people who joined only to ruin it.

    Know what is going on in politics and in your community get involved,they want people to be ignorant of what is happening around them.

    And they want you to be distracted by many things which are before you only so you have that to think about instead of what they don't want you to know about.

    There's allot more to it than this but if you really want answers I suggest you do your homework and if you do you will know how to protect yourself and your family.

    I did mine and I know who my enemies are and how they want to destroy me but because I know what to avoid their tactics won't hurt me or my family.

    God bless you and peace be with you.

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    Well first off those values existed long before this country was ever founded so let's not be so quick to label them as "American"....We grow up in a society where most of us never want for basic things like housing, education, clothes and food or jobs so we naturally learn to take things for granted especially if our parents are not instilling these values in their children.

    In some ways you answered you own question. It's easier to be selfish and think about yourself and not others. We bemoan the fact that we need greater security in this country but we turn right around and complain about longer lines at the airports or that the price of travel has gone up. We're socialized from a very early age to be self reliant, which can be a good thing but somehow this translates into self indulgent. If you wonder why our value system has hit the toilet start by looking at parents and schools which are the two largest institutions of instilling values in our youth.

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    If you are referring to the fact that most Americans didn't say to the 20+ million illegal aliens "Welcome" as being selfish, don't even go there! How dare you!

    If a country needs help, who always comes to the rescue? America! Most are honest, generous, hard working, t and kind!

    The illegals are the ones that are dishonest by invading our country and breaking our laws, not generous because they steal from citizens with no thought about what it does to their victims, lazy because they don't try to go through the proper channels for citizenship legally and unkind since they steal and sponge off this country.

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    We aren't losing them But when you get stepped on over and over again you get to point where you say enough is enough. We are the most generous nation on the planet,and where does it get us? Nowhere. People still hate us and use us every chance they get. It isn't selfish to think about ourselves for a change and take care of our own first.

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    bc/ we are constantly surrounded by media that chooses to pay attention to the lesser values and ignore the good things that happen around us every day. We aren't losing our values - they are making it seem like we are. I've met many many people that prove we still have our core values in tact and very few people otherwise - in cities and country-side alike.

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    I think it's because we have homes with 1 parent.

    This last generation has mostly come from either broken homes or homes that are filthy rich.

    I know that both can teach values, but the rich just throws money to the kids( hardworking? not)

    The poor parent has a lot to deal with and blessed is he/she who can work, raise a family and still be a good example to the kids.

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    Shooshh your lack of respect for our laws is the biggest loss to American values!

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    1 decade ago

    i dont think america ever really had any of that...i think people want to believe that those good qualities represent america but its all just a stereotype about america. time changes society and the way it works...and humans are naturally selfish...so its not a huge surprise that you cant trust every person you meet...its not like robbers and murderers never existed in human history.

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    The goverment wants it that way. We are not encourgaged to be free thinkers anymore. Schools are giving way to uniforms. Kids are on mind control drugs as early as kindergarden. They grow up numb to reality. The headlines on the cover of COSMO are more important to young adults than the headlines in the Newspaper. We are numb to violence as well. 4 hours a day of Grand Theft Auto, then all of a sudden its not a big deal when a child learns that a dozen people died in Iraq today. We are not raising individuals anymore. We are raising sheep. Stand in line, shut your mouth and whatever you do.....make sure you turn off your emotions.

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    We aren't. It just seems that way because we are being swallowed up by immigrants who bring with them their own definition of good 'values.' It makes ours seems non-existent.

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