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I 'm very intrested in applying for membership via Grad Chapter.Since I don;t really know any member's because I'm new to the area, I decided to email the chapter's more
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I agree with my soror's answer, so please take her advice. To piggyback what she said, A lot chapters are closing for the summer, as well as preparing for regional convention so it's not unusual that you did not hear back from the president.

Since you are new to the area, I would get involved in community service ASAP. There is a HUGE chance that you will run into a soror. Also if you are if you get yourself involved in a local church you will run into a lot of members as well. The best advice is to check out the local chapter's website and keep track of all upcoming events.

Some people say it's harder to join an alum chapter oppose to undergrad because you don't have the advantage of either calling they student activities office inquiring about upcoming events, or you miss out on seeing flyer's posted around campus. I wouldn't necessarily say it's harder but it is indeed a challenge.

Get involved as much as you can in your community. That's the best advice I can give you. If you do that TRUST me you will run into a lot of dedicated sorors.

Hopes this helps!


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  • lady fortitude answered 7 years ago
    it's going to be a huge challenge since you don't know a member of the chapter. eventually, any applicant would need a letter of recommedation from any financially active Delta. many alumnae chapters are wrapping up the year and won't get back with you. plus, there are plenty of people who are interested in membership and are already doing service projects on their own. you didn't do anything wrong per se in inquiring about the chapter. realistically, the president isn't going to take the time to catch you up to speed. i would check to see if they have a website, because right know you don't know anything about the chapter.


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  • SNUGGLE04 answered 7 years ago
    I think it could be that she was either busy or she uses another email address. I would recommend looking into their chapter like go to their events, service activities, check if they have a chapter website. If this is something that you think you really want to do then you have to be persistant and keep trying no matter what.
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  • Memem answered 7 years ago
    Well, there are 3 possible reasons. It could be that the president is extremely busy right now. I find that a bit doubtful though. The second reason could be that, if you are White, the president automatically rejected you. Delta Sigma Theta is a historically black sorority, and some members hold tight to that, and will refuse all Whites that try to pledge. The third reason could be that, as with AKAs, you have to be invited by a member; you cannot initiate the process in any way on your own. I would suggest talking with other Deltas and see what they say.
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