If an employee violates the medical hippa law by going through another employees chart in a medical office?

what should i do, if i dont trust my own office manager to deal with this. They are good friends. This employee got told on, but she didn't even get reprimanded. she is still at work violating all kinds of patient confidentiality laws. what other channels should i go through to report this individual, if i dont trust the boss or human resources where she has friends.


The main Dr. as far as i know already knows, and just had a discussion. I think I need to go to the higher ups.

Update 2:

I don't know if i mentioned, the chart she looked through was mine. I just found out Saturday And i noticed the office didn't do a thing about it. Who should i contact in a chain of command? I work at this office and am also a patient, out of convenience for them, so i wouldn't miss work. Go figure, stupid ofnme.

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    You need to decide which is most important to you.

    Keeping your job, or taking chances with being a whistle blower. Let's suppose you report this person to the authorities. Can you prove your allegations? You could get sued for libel.

    You could get fired for making trouble at the medical office. Then other medical offices might not want to hire you, because you now have a record as a troublemaker.

    The best thing might be to collect proof of law violation, without you also violating laws, then make anonymous to the news media about the unethical practices of the medical office.

    Result might be that the doctor office goes out of business, you lose your job, because everyone there loses their job, but no one knows for sure that you were the whistle blower, so now you have decent chance of continued career.

    While violating the law is very serious, enforcement is a joke. The GAO has done studies of things like this. If you report the crime to HIPPA, the odds are your privacy will not be respected, and nothing will get done, other than you paying the penalties for being a whistle blower.

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    I would turn them in! the majority of time ppl will lock into other ppl medical records for gossip reasons much rather then concern!

    my son is being treated at the facility I am working at , and I have made it quite clear that I will go after anyone who decides for some reason to check things out!

    by the way , if you break the hippa law it can cost you up to $30000.00in fines , this is how serious it is!

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    HIPAA is meant to insure privateness of a scientific affected person. the worker has no valid expectation of "privateness" interior the situation of work. decrease than particular circumstances, a court docket would evaluate the corporate's notification of the different team a justifiable & prudent action. in case you needed privateness, why did your companion say something on your behalf? Why isyour companion in contact on your place of work?

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    Talk with one of the Doctor's in the office. I'm sure that they would listen. I am pretty sure that they would not take it lightly that one of their patients were being violated.

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    Talk to the administrator. They take this chit real serious.

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