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Does anyone have Invisalign braces (the clear invisible braces)?

If so, are they working, are you noticing a difference? Are they for the most part pretty comfortable and most of all are they affordable? (I know Dental Insurance does not cover them)!


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    Even though I wear metal braces, some of our patients are doing the Invisalign treatment and they do work, although it's just for minor tooth movement. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is more comfortable, because you don't have the brackets and wires. But your teeth will still feel sore, because your teeth are moving.

    As far as affordability is concerned, they are much more expensive than traditional braces. The company that makes Invisalign, is the only one that does these types of aligners (monopoly). Since there is no competition from anyone else, they charge a lot for Invisalign and they get away with it.

    Personally, i see nothing wrong with wearing metal braces.

    Source(s): I work as an orthodontic assistant, and I wear braces too.
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    Two corrections: 1. Not every dentist charges more than traditional braces. We keep our fees lower than braces at an orthodontist's office. 2. If you have orthodontic benefit on your insurance plan, it will pay on Invisalign exactly as it would have on regular braces.

    Our starting price is way less than braces.

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    Depending on what your teeth are like is what will determine whether or not Invisalign will work for you. Try this:

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    I haven't purchased mine yet, but I was quoted $3500 for a 6 month treatment from my dentist. I think that traditional braces are less expensive. It depends on where you live.

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