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I dont get how to put a pic on google, so how do you?

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    well to start, you need a web page with the picture on it.

    make sure your site where your image is, has "meta tags"

    metatags are keywords in the html that google will search for to match the keywords typed in at the google window.

    get it? not sure If I was clear there.

    If you don't have full control of the "index.htm" page on that server, then you can't edit the metatags. you must have control to edit it.

    I guess if you put a keyword or a couple of keywords in the page just as regular text, like under the picture or in a paragraph,

    and you use those keywords in google,

    your pic will pop up. eventually,

    the more words the better!!!!

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    You don't PUT a pic on google. You upload it to a server, then when someone types a query into the google images search box related to the content of the site where the pic is, it shows up. Here's an example:

    You make a webpage about Yorkshire Terriers, write all the stuff you know about them etc etc. Then someone types in the words Yorkshire + Terrier + Dog + Breed + w/e, the photos on your site show up because those words (Yorkshire + Terrier + Dog + Breed ) were found on your web.

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    actually you dont put a pic on google when you search they show you the pics from all the webs same with anyways, what you can do is go to the pics and say publish this pic then they will ask you for a msn account and if you have one or get one and you can put it on there and if you go on google and search then you may fine that pic. i hope this helped.

  • 1 decade ago

    canttt sorry =/

    when you search up words it comes up with the pics on a page with those words on it.

    if its a more popular site [like you see]

    its more than likely better and first..

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  • 1 decade ago

    dont know, sorry

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