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Which one of our US presidents was poisoned by his wife but she cremated him before he had an autopse?

i dont no which on it was but one was poisonged by his wife who then cremated him before they could do an autopssy to see how he died. which first lady6 or president was it?

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    Warren Harding...

    Harding died August 2, 1923, in San Francisco. His sudden death, in the middle of a presidential goodwill tour, led to speculation that he had been poisoned by his wife in order to avoid disgrace (and probable impeachment) as the corruption in his Administration became known. Mrs. Harding refused to permit an autopsy on her husband's body.

    His wife was Florence DeWolfe, a divorcee 5 years his senior.

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    Conspiracy theorists indicate Warren Harding was poisoned by his wife and his body cremated before an autopsy could be performed - however, scholars and historians have struck down this theory of his death time and time again and, furthermore, he was not cremated. Harding died suddenly of a heart attack and was buried in Ohio. His wife died a year later.

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    The rumors that Harding''s wife poisoned him are simply ridiculous and wrong! He died of a massive heart attack, which has been easily proven by looking at his medical records in the last week of his life. And the rumor that his body was cremated is even more stupid!

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    None.. i think we would hear about it more if a president got assassinated. I mean hell people still pussy out over Lincoln and kennedy. We would know about it if a president got assassinated it would be taught in history.

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    I am not sure which president it was but he was not cremated and they just dug him up and proved it wrong.

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    I think it was rumored to have happened to Taylor. You can look it up to double check.

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