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Y & R: Who have they been with?????

I was reading another question where they asked who Sharon had been with.......Some people said not as many as Phyllis and Nicki.....So who has Phyllis been with?????

Who has Nicki been with?????

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    Greg Foster (divorced)

    Kevin Bancroft (divorced)

    Tony DiSalvo (deceased)

    Victor_Newman (divorced the first time)

    Jack_Abbott (divorced)

    Dr. Joshua Landers (not legal - deceased)

    Victor_Newman (not legal the second time)



    Dr. Scott Adams

    Edward (the psycho)

    Andy Richards

    Jerry Cashman

    Rick Daros

    Dr. Jim Grainger

    Jed Sanders

    Cole Howard

    Brad Carlton



    Danny Romalotti (divorced - first time)

    Danny Romalotti (divorced - second time)

    Jack_Abbott (divorced)


    Brian Hamilton

    Danny Romalotti

    Peter Garrett

    Dr. Tim Reid

    Michael Baldwin

    Malcolm Winters

    Damon Porter

    Jack Abbott

    Nicholas Newman

    Nicki is a whole lot worse then Phyllis but yes Sharon is the cleanest.



    Nicholas_Newman (divorced)


    Frank Barritt (deceased)

    Matt Clark

    Diego Guittierez

    Cameron Kirsten

    Brad Carlton

    Jack Abbott

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    The characters do around robin dating.

    Victor=Ashely, Nikki, Jill, Hope, Sharon(kissed), Diane

    Jack= Nikki, Jill, Sharon, Phyllis, Diane

    Brad=Ashley, Victoria, Olivia, Sharon, Tracey, Nikki

    Michael=Phyllis, Victoria, Lauren, Cricket

    JT=Victoria, McKenzie, Rianna, Brittney, Colleen, Juanita

    Phyllis=Malcolm, Daniel Sr., Michael, Jack, Nick

    Nikki=Victor, Jack, Brad, Dead husband forgot name, Cole,

    Victoria=Neil, Michael, Brad, JT, Ryan, Cole,

    Lauren=Paul, Scott, Michael,

    Jill=John, Jack, Larry, Phillip Chancellor, Victor, Ji Min,

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    Sharon had a baby when she met Nick (Cassie); slept with some who blackmailedl her, Brad, and Jack.

    Nikki was a stripper, gave Paul Williams an STD back in the day, was married to Jack, almost married Brad, married some guy with a crazy ex (she killed him), and of course Victor.

    And Phyllis - well came to town pretending that she had Danny R's baby (wasn't), tried to s*** with Paul (didn't work), slept with Jack, Nick, and there's been a few others along the way. And I'm in my 50's - way to old to remember everyone Phyllis shacked up with.

    SEE - I forgot all about Michael.

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    Phyllis and Nicki have been with absolutely EVERYBODY in town and i know Sharon hasn't even been on long enough to do that.

    She's been with Nick and Brad, that's all i know about

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    Phyllis has been with, Danny, Dr Tim, Jack, Paul, Brad, Daniels father(I forgot his name),Damon, Nick, Michael, and she flirted alot with Malcolm.

    Nicki has been with Keith or some guy named Kevin, whom she thought was originally Vivtoria dad, then Victor, Paul, Brad, Jack, The Dr. Josh that died, (those are the only ones I remember for her)

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    Hi, that was my question you were referring to. I was just reading your replies and I had to start laughing because there were so many names I didn't remember. I've been watching the show since I was a teenager and I'm now 38. Even though I haven't been able to watch it continuously, I was very surprised to see all of the names I didn't recognize. I didn't know Nikki gave Paul an STD! Wow. I'm going to finish reading your replies so I can laugh some more!

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    Phyllis: Daniel Romanlotti, Nick, Michael for sex Nick. Hell, I forgot Jack. and another hunk, Damon.

    Nikki: Kevin (from the 80's, not the current Kevin. This was a Kevin Bancroft), Paul, Victor, Joshua, Brad, Jack, there was a flirtation with my favorite love, kissing with David Chow...but Victor is her one and only....

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    It is a website that shows who all she has been with but I can't remember it. Phyllis: These are the people I know Michael, Jack, Nick, Malcolm, Damien, Some doctor,etc.....

    Nikki - Victor, Brad, Jack, She wanted Bobby, looks like David, etc....

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    It's Phyllis Summers-Romalottti-Abbott-Newman

    The links below will tell you all of her and Nicki's past flings and marriages.

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    OMG these two have been around the block and back again - They have been with more than 1/2 the men on the show, way too many to name

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