Hard drive add-on. I was thinking about adding another drive to my pc. I only want to do it if its noticeably?

faster than my original which has a 160GB drive(not sure about the cache size) Its an emachines T6528 desktop. Anyway I dont need more storage space, just lookin for speed-was wondering if I added one with a 16MB cache if I would be able to notice the speed difference. I have 1.5GB ram and a AMD64 3500 processor. I already defrag and clean the C: drive and other maintenance.

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    1 decade ago
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    Adding a 2nd hard drive would do nothing- changing the system drive doesn't affect speed much unless you were almost entirely out of space to begin with. Now if your old drive was really slow like 5400 rpm, going to a 7200 rpm drive with a bigger cache would be noticeable.

    Adding more RAM, a processor upgrade- that's where people see major speed gains. In you case you've got a good amount (1.5 gb) so there's not much you can do- check what the fast processor your motherboard can take is. My guess is probably a 3800+ which wouldn't make much difference.

    If you're lucky, maybe it can take a 4200+ but I wouldn't count on it. Emachines are affordable because they use inexpensive components.

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    a 16mb cache makes more difference than 8mb.. think of the cache as a halfway point between the drive and the pc.

    as for putting 2 drive in, the main / current one you leave your windows etc on and use the other one to store date..

    the fastest way to make a noticable difference to a pc's speed is to add more ram .. you don't say what operating system you use..

    as for cleaning the drive try the following, its free =)


  • ponyah
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