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What is purple rice?

I was st thid korean dining facility in afghanistan and they had some purple do you make that cause i cant seem to find the exact friend said it was kimchi rice but i didnt see any eggs or fish in it.....Help need some of whatever im talking about

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    Forbidden rice

    Forbidden rice is a short-grained, heirloom rice that is black when raw and dark purple when cooked.

    One theory as to the name is that it was reserved for emperors in ancient China because of its nutritiousness and rarity. Another theory is that when the Greeks took over the Middle East, they had it banned due to the belief that it was being used by their enemies to aid them in battle. However, the most likely theory is that the name is simply a smart marketing ploy.

    Forbidden rice has recently appeared on the shelves of health food stores in the Western United States along with other heirloom rices such as Bhutanese Red Rice and Wild rice, particularly in California. It is popular with vegetarians and vegans because it has a favorable nutrition profile. Desire for non-genetically modified foods has also contributed to demand for this rice.

    The deep color of black forbidden rice suggests the presence of phytonutrients. It has a relatively high mineral content (including iron) and, like most rice, supplies several important amino acids.

    When cooked, forbidden rice has the smell of freshly popped popcorn and turns the water that it is boiling in a brilliant purple color. This grain is high in fiber and has a deep, nutty taste.

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    Legend tells us that this ancient grain was once eaten exclusively by the Emperors. Today, this medium-size Chinese black rice can be enjoyed everyday and is prized for its delicious nutty taste, soft texture, and beautiful rich deep purple color. High in nutritional and medicinal value, Forbidden Rice� is rich in iron and considered a blood tonifier. Unlike other black rice from Asia, it is not glutinous or rough and cooks in only 30 minutes to produce a superior flavor, texture, and color.

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    Purple Rice

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    There is rice called forbidden rice that is black and when cooked it looks purple. It is pretty pricy so I mix it with red rice. Very tasty.

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