please help i have to get this done today and this is to much trying to take care of a kid at the same time?

who did what i have to go through 1 to 18 chaps.

a) leaders of rebellion that carry their names

b)people from foreign countries who supported the colonists in their war against the english

c)early feminists

d)leaders in custer's last stand

e)leaders of early english settlements

f)former slaves who fought slavery

g)leaders of group settlers moving to the west

h)war hawks and longtime senate opponents

i)colonial firbrands

j)union activists

k)early statemen and ambassadors

bejamin franklin,john jay

patrick henry,thomas paine

henry clay, john calhoun

john smith, william bradford

casimir pulaski , marquis de lafayette

nathaniel bacon, daniel shays

frederick douglass, harriet tubman

elizabeth cady stanton, susan b. anthony

stephen austin, brigham young

tatanka yotanka, tashunka witko

mother jones, terence v. powerderly


today at 12:00 this has to be done

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    I do not want to do your homework for you, you wouldn't learn anything.

    Put the name of choices in Google Search or the question and do a comparison. You go on this site so you should be able to knock it out in about 30 minutes if none of the names ring any bells.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    K. bejamin franklin,john jay

    I. patrick henry,thomas paine

    H. henry clay, john calhoun

    E. john smith, william bradford

    B. casimir pulaski , marquis de lafayette

    A. nathaniel bacon, daniel shays

    F. frederick douglass, harriet tubman

    C. elizabeth cady stanton, susan b. anthony

    G. stephen austin, brigham young

    D. tatanka yotanka, tashunka witko

    J. mother jones, terence v. powerderly

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can do your own homework if you could type all that in you could have searched their names.

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