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Who do you think are the best two Republicans to lead their ticket in 2008?

I choose Rudy G as the Presidential candidate and Fred Thompson as his VP.

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    All you have to do is to pay attention to which candidates the news sources such as CNN give a lot of TV time to and they would be the ones you would not want to vote for

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    Giuliani? No! He's a one-trick pony, and the more he talks about terrorism, the more we realize that he doesn't really know that much about it anyway.

    Undoubtedly, Ron Paul is the best choice in the field. Then, I think I'd go off the board for the VP selection, and maybe ask Barry Goldwater, Jr. to step up. He served as a Congressman from California for a while before going into the private sector and making some money. He's already endorsed Ron for the nomination, so I'm sure he'd accept.

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    The best by far is Rep. Ron Paul. He has shown the true American spirit of standing up for truth even when truth is far from popular. He can unite our torn and divided country around his simple and elegant defense of the Constitution and his unparalleled record on the issues. His heart and mind are in another entirely higher category than the rest of the field.

    2nd would have to be Chuck Hagel. More of a pol than Ron but no one cares more about the men and women of the millitary than Chuck Hagel. Also he's a very accomplished foreign policy man and understands the big picture.

    The rest of the field isn't worth a fig.

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    Rudy G and McCain are basically democrats registered as GOPs. I like Fred Thompson and Romney. Why don't we really tick off the libs and elect Jeb? Just kidding..

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    Mitt Romney as President and Fred Thompson as his VP

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    I'll tell you what, I like Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson so far. I know Huckabee doesn't have much of a chance, but He seems to me to be one of the better candidates.

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    Thompson/Romney 2008

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    Ron Paul.

    the priority of every voter should be the defense of the Constitution and continuancy of the Republic.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate to speak extensively on the impact of the neo-conservative government takeover currently eroding freedom, safety, and national sovereignty.

    "In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." --Orwell, 1984

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    Ron Paul - President

    Mike Huckabee - VP

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    Look for "Romney/Thompson '08" bumper stickers. Coming soon to an SUV near you!!

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