What can I do to boost my confidence/self-esteem?


I'm in my mid-20s and the past few months have had a confidence problem. I'm not depressed or hating life, just lacking confidence. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I'm very happy with and this is unfortantley effecting our relationship. Any ideas or hints that you might have done that worked to boost your confidence? Any ideas would be great!

Thanks and have a good day!

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    .....Confidence is something you earn by doing two things -

    - Achieving things, large and small

    - Giving yourself full credit.

    Every time you acknowledge that you did well, it's like making a deposit in a personal account of self-worth. The interest you earn is confidence/self-esteem. The key is to not discount the good things you are and the good things you do.

    For an immediate boost, I suggest the following. Make a list of your strengths, areas of knowledge, skill, experience, and everything you've achieved so far - large or small. Don't leave anything out. As you review the list, sincerely affirm the worth and value of each thing.

    I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself.

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    I see where you are coming from --- I've had similar problems with my self-esteem. I can give you some strategies you could try if u liked ---

    Firstly, force yourself to write down all the positive aspects about yourself --- it could be anything from nice hair or nice taste in clothes to being kind to people, loving animals etc. (You get the drift!) It may be hard so get the help of loved ones...we usually tend to miss out certain things about ourselves which are actually noticed by others. Then stick this up in your room or keep it in your diary --- basically take a look at it everyday. It should help with the self-esteem in making you feel better about yourself and therbey help your confidence as well.

    In short, we do have positives but we don't really notice them until they are down in writing --- in hard copy.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!!!

    Source(s): Personal experience and intern psych
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    I have been on the street begging for food and shelter before, for many yrs in fact. I keep that in mind when i get up everyday and go to work. I think of the kind of kid I will raise if I don't teach her the rights and wrongs of life, or if i don't teach her to utilize her own mind. I keep in mind that she is an adult in training, and it is my job to train her how to be a successful adult, and take care of herself, and fix life's little issues that arise on her own. I am motivated because i have been without before, and don't ever plan on going back to having nothing. The person I used to be is waaay faar from the person I am now, but i keep that person in my mind because I know I am capable of returning back to that personality I used to be. I get/keep motivated by thinking of the end results.

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    sounds like this is a recent change in your views on yourself. Think about the root of the change (weight gain, loss of job etc) and try to work on that part of your life that is bringing you down. If you are in a healthy relationship it is exactly the type of thing you can discuss with him and get some important feedback.

    good luck!

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    Start with positive thoughts. Read the following relevant articles:~

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    Go sky-diving...you will have accomplished something you have always wanted to "try-before-you-die" and it will have an immediate and profound effect on the way you see the world around you.

    also observe your own body language--don't drag your feet, keep your chin up, and look others in the eye when you speak to them.

    get your OWN motorcycle- to foster that sense of feedom and independence that burns within us all.

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    positive self talk and knowing the fact that no one's opinion matters except yours, if you think that and someone tells you something negative, a good comeback would help! i know it sounds school girl-ish, but it helped me :D

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