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Environment question?

I'm working what product BESIDES a vehicle emits the most gases into the air that I might use? Something else that I might own that I should get rid of or use less?

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    Is this something like you had in mind?

    Who Killed the Electric Car?

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    Your furnace, if it's an oil or a gas furnace would be very high on the list. duwing the winter, just turning donw you thermostat to 65 will reduce your carbon emmissions by 12%. Turning off your furnace in the early spring and turning it on in the late fall, rather than having it on on simply COOL days will save another 10%. Opening the shades inte winter on nice sunny days to gain solar heating can reduce the amount of time that your furnace runs during the day. Closing the curtains as night will conserve the heat and reduce the number of times that it kicks on at night. Putting a blanket of insulation between the panes of glass on non-sunlit windows during the winter will save a lot as well and keep the house nice and toasty. And closing the outside door quickly will prevent a cold draft from hitting the thermostat and starting the furnace up needlessly will save a lot as well. ALL these are pretty simple, cheap and efficient things that anyone can do without any inconvenience at all.

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    Cows are NOT the main producer of green house gases.

    It is CF C's and NOT Carbon that deplete ozone.

    They are, however, one of the main producer of a certain green house gas, which is methane. Methane counts for 4 - 9% of the effect by green house gases.

    Methane reacts with the atmosphere producing carbon dioxide and water vapor ( other green house gases.).

    Specific machines emit green house gases in accordance with how much energy they use, and where that energy come from. Generally, large power plants has better means of cleaning their emissions then somthing used on a seperate product.

    Here is a flow chart of the emitters of various green house gases:

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    Hi Skimble,

    This is a tough one to answer. I am for the use of electric home and garden tools instead of gas powered tools. Im also for the use of solar electric power to recharge or operate these tools and our homes.

    Ideally, you should complete get off the electric power grid, convert to all electric appliances and put up a solar electric generating station. Quit your job that is more than 10 miles away and find one closer and get rid of your gas powered vehicles and get electric ones that you can recharge using your solar power station.

    This may seem extreme, but a complete transformation from the way "advertising america" taught you to think is needed before you can truly call yourself green...

    But even when you have become truly green, unless we can convince at least 2 billion more people in the world to do the same thing, your efforts won't amount to much.

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    Most of it still comes from Thermal Power Plants , which burn coal in horrendous amounts . So , using less electricity , switching appliances off when not needed , & doing more things manually , are all essential . Whatever happened to mowing lawns the good , old way ?

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    It's not quite a vehicle, but cows (cattle) are a main producer of greenhouse gase.

    One cow produces 1 ton of methan gas which equals about 21 tons of carbon dioxide (the main factor for holes in the ozone layer).

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