About CC ?

What are 70 CC, 100 CC 125 CC, 700 CC, 100 CC. Is it speed of

Motorcycles and Cars. In which CC Motorcycles are include and whose abbreviation CC is ?

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    You have much to learn, Grasshopper.

    CC is an abbreviation for cubic centimeter or c.c. A 70 c.c bike has a motor probably consisting of a single cylinder. When the piston in the cylinder moves from it's lowest point of rotation to it's highest point (from down to up) it displaces a volume of air, in this case 70 c.c.'s. This is known as the engine displacement. With bigger bikes that have more cylinders the displacement of all the cylinders is added together for a total displacement figure. 1000 c.c.'s equals 1 Liter so a big 1800 c.c. Honda is the same displacement as a 1.8 Liter car motor.

    Source(s): I built engines for a living.
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    CC is the abreviation for Cubic centimeters of displacement.

    basically what they do is take the volume of the cylinder which is shown in Bore and stroke and they determine how much volume there is in the cylinders.

    The bigger the volume, the more power. So a 50o CC bike is more powerful than a 250 CC generally. This can change if you add superharging or Nitrous but as a general rule its true that more CC is going to produce more power.

    Power does not neccessarily mean speed because of gearing and weight. The Triumph Rocket III has 2,294 CC engine, but is limited to 145 MPH. The ZRX14 and Hayabusa have smaller CC but they use very high RPM and are capable of speeds near 200 MPH

    On Zero to 60 runs the Triumph is about as quick. It has been timed at 2.8 seconds to 60

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    CC stands for Cubic Centimetres and represents the volume of the cylinders in an engine. The more CC's the bigger the cylinder bore and the more power an engine has.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    CC's are cubic centimeters. It is the amount of volume used to measure the size of the cylinder with the piston at bottom dead center. It basically tells you how big the cylinder is.

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    A 'CC' is a cube, aproximately 0.3937 in on each side. This cube is named "Cubic Centimeter". It is used in engine displacement measurement in most of the world. Is the standard for small volume measurement, ie anything less than a liter.


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    CC refers to cubic capacity of the engine of the Automobile while running. It is the amount of air-fuel mixture that can be burnt in the combustion chamber of the motorcycle engine.

    If the volume of a cylinder is 100cc, it means it can burn 100cubic centimeters of air-fuel mixture when the piston expands and takes in the mixture.

    If you understand the strokes of a petrol/diesel cycle engine you will be able to appreciate the motion of the piston from the top to bottom and vice-versa.

    During the expansion cycle, the volume available for the A/F mixture to be taken into the cylinder for combustion is what is depicted as 50cc,100cc,150cc etc.,.

    So basically more cc means more fuel burnt and more power delivered.

    Hope this starts your quest on engine cycles :)



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    CC = Cubic centimeter.

    It is the size of the engine.


    1000CC = 1 liter.

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    it's the engine capacity in _C_ubic _C_entimetres. The general rule is bigger engine == more power, but that's not always true.

    e.g. Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR-FQ400 outputs 400bhp with 1998cc, while a Renault Clio V6 outputs 252 with 3000cc.

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    Simple-Maximum Cubic centimeter displacement of the piston cylender.

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    how can it be the speed of a car??? can you imagine a 700cc going 700 miles per hour??? you need a lot of education my friend!

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