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how is frontier airlines?

i am flying from chicago to denver, and i've heard great things about it. how is it so good when the fares are so cheap?!?

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    they keep costs down but still provide a quality service. this is how.

    - frontier purchases fuel stocks years ahead, so now when fuel is costing so much, frontier gets a much cheaper price.

    -they only operate a few types of aircraft, this cuts maintenance fees because they can buy parts in bulk and don't have to train the people to work on many different types of planes

    -they sell fares over the internet and don't give travel agent commissions or anything

    frontier, is a very good airline, it is completely safe and a fun airline, so enjoy!

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    My Uncle used to work for Frontier Airlines. I think he said that they are trying to move up on there stuff.

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    not bad, i flew them from orlando to denver and they were all really nice, which was surprising, normally those cheap airlines no one really talks about has some real pricks for flight attendants and all that, but they were good's in the back of every seat on all their planes....

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    There is nothing special about them, they are just like your tipical discount airline.

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