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I need help in the game Trauma center : Under the knife...?

in chapter two episode 4 theres a point where you have to treat a man with aneurisims on the surface of the large intestine. they look like a vein with a huge boil looking bulg in the middle. first you have to treat one, then after that like three more pop up. snd after that the nurse makes you wait for a moment and then like four pop up!! and the anerism keeps getting larger so fast that i cant keep up!!! the nurse then says to use the healing touch. i usedit in the level before by drawing a star with the hand... but in this surgery i dont know what to do...its so hard..please help!

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    i couldn't beat that level, and after one failed attempt, i threw the game away. HOWEVER -- i'll copy/paste from a FAQ

    ""After you treat all three, Angie will tell you to wait a second before you close him up.

    FIVE aneurisms will appear. This is the worst part of the mission. If one bursts, the vitals will go down by about 20 or so. All five popping will kill your patient straight out even at full vitals. If his vitals are down from when you were treating the other aneurisms, just one bursting and bleeding may end it.

    Try not to let that happen.

    Now, here you could either,

    A.) HT, then treat each as you have before, injecting the brown serum into those ready to burst.

    B.) Excise each, but not extract them, then go from there one at a time.

    Each has its pros and cons, so do whichever one suits you. However, you may need the HT no matter what you do, as when the artery halves are bleeding, his vitals drop pretty badly. Couple that with a couple aneurisms bursting and you've got problems.

    After you treat all of them, Angie will wonder about the HT and its abilities.

    Suture, gel, bandage.



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    The easiest way to do this is to either do the Healing Touch OR do each action on each tumor before moving on to the next action, i.e. inject all of them, then drain all of them, etc. You have to be REALLY FAST to do this. Also, keep in mind that you don't need to empty the entire syringe into an aneurism....inject a little bit in each one, refill the syringe, inject a little more in each one.

    Do you not know how to do the Healing Touch? Just select the hand icon and draw a star. You can do this once in every operation from now on.Trust me, it'll save your butt a LOT.

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    I'm not a real doctor. But I play one on TV.

    Seriously....I have the game but haven't gotten that far yet.

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