Can you put full doors on 01/02 Jeep Wrangler Soft Tops that have half doors & can you get a hard top as well?

I am thinking of buying a Wrangler, and really want a removable hard top - but there are more soft tops. I want to know if i buy a soft top with the half doors - if i can get full doors and a removable hard top for it later on. Thankyou!!!

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    If you go to or you can order any top or get any doors that you want for your jeep wrangler.

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    you can get either the soft top, the hard top, or both. All the doors and tops for the Jeep are interchangeable for several years. For example any top from 97-06 will fit those model years. You can get 1/2 doors or full doors. One thing to think about the hard top if you want to remove it is it is heavy! There are lifts that you can put on the ceiling of a garage to help pull it off or get four big friends.

    Source(s): 2004 TJ Wrangler owner. Soft top and hard top. Full doors and safari doors. 4 inch lift w/ 33 inch tires.
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    As others have pointed out, you can get any top you want for the Wrangers or CJs, as long as you keep to the same body series.

    Hard tops are available from a number of sources, but they do cost a decent chunk of change. They are also a lot harder to remove, when you want to enjoy the nice weather outside.

    I can vouch for Quadratec, I've bought a fair bit of stuff from them. Granted a lot of it was when it was a local drive, and I would pick it up from their facility.

    If you're going to purchase things from JC Whitney, I would just make sure that you're buying the same name brand you would be getting from another company. A few years back, I saw a negative review on some body parts purchased from them, that were apparently from another supplier than what was carried by other companies.

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    yes all jeeps come w soft tops hard top is an option if you get it you have a soft top too that you have to remove and sell on eBay. half doors full doors hard tops and soft tops are all interchangeable as long as it is off the same jeep cj5 cj7 tj yj etc.

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