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has anyone ever gone from 160ish to 120ish (weight loss)-personal experiences,or friends(i dont mean celebs)?

I need to lose weight, iv gained 30 pounds or so over the past two years, and my heath is suffering and also socially, and mentally im suffering. I am hate how i look all of the time, i dont even look in the mirror anymore. If anyone can let me know of someinspiration that would be great. Oh and how long did it take you?

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    Well, I went from 130 to 150, then down to 115 all in the same year, that was about 3 years ago. Now I'm at 150 again... I lost all my weight by waiting tables, working full time and walking about 10 miles a day. Waitressing is actually an awesome exercise, it keeps you toned. I gained all that weight back because I quit waiting tables. Everyone's body is different though, how tall are you? That might be why you hate the way you look now. I'm tall (5'8"), so my weight is distributed more equally.

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    I am in the same boat as you. I gained 35 lbs in 2 years. Very upsetting. I have decided to eat better and work out more. I started only 5 days ago and have lost 3 lbs. Its alot of work but it can happen. Watch your calorie intake, dont worry about the carb thing... you will just gain more in the end. I have been watching my calories to about 1500 or less a day and try to work out (even if its only the treadmill for 15 minutes...) My trainer said to find something that will motivate you to loose the weight... My motivation is my confidence that is very low now... YOU CAN DO IT!!! you can email me and we can work together!!! Find support

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