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Can I change phones without dealing with T-Mobile?

If I were to buy a pre-paid T-Mobile phone... could I simply take the SIM card out of my current (contract) T-Mobile phone, place it in the pre-paid phone, and use it? Or do I have to call T-Mobile and have them activate the pre-paid phone to work with my SIM card or whatever?

Hope that's a clear enough question.

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    You can use whatever phone you want. A lot of people I know buy unlocked phones (such as the Motorola MING) and use those.

    I do that transferring phone to phone. One phone is good for text messaging, one is for when I want to look "flashy".

    You don't need to call them.

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    all u have to do is take the sims card out of the old one and put it in the new one as long as the new one will work with t-mobile all ur info is on the sims card

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