Fico score??

I have FICO score of 705 and a credit score of 718. Will the bank want to see any more info IE proof of income, if i want to get a car loan?


i technically dont have an income but i sell cars on the side every once in a while to save money for college and other expenses.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    FICO score, credit score, credit beacon-they are all the same. it just all depends on what credit bureau you are using. a score in the 700's is very good. if you have a credit history of several years, most banks wont ask for proof of income. but if you have a very short credit history with only 1 or 2 credit cards, they might ask for proof of income. you should get an interest rate under 10%, around 4-6%. make sure to go to a decent car dealer and not to those small car lot dealerships.

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    1 decade ago

    probably not, unless you are self employed. with a credit score like that it should be easy to get an approval

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