How can I get my virtual villagers to move that boulder?

I have stacked all of them up there and they wont budge..they just shake their heads and walk off. I am starting to get frustrated because this is the second game I have started and I don't want to lose and have to start over again!

Also, what happens when you have discovered all of the tech stages?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you talking about Virtual Villagers 1 or Virtual Villagers 2? I think you mean the first game -- correct me if I'm wrong.

    In the first game there is a boulder near the top of the map. Clearing it is the 14th puzzle.

    Without spoiling anything -- to solve it you first have to solve the 13th puzzle. To solve the 13th puzzle you need to solve puzzle 5 and puzzle 12, as well as having your Spirituality maxed out at the third stage.

    If you DO want spoilers, check out the guide at the LDW forums:

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