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should i be using a toothpaste w/o ADA stamp?

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    The ADA stamp means this, basically: Any claims that the toothpaste is making (ie: whitens, tartar control, cavity protection) have been tested and approved. So, basically, you can trust what they say the toothpaste does.

    However, there are good toothpastes that do not have the ADA stamp. I believe Crest ProHealth is not ADA approved, but it's a great toothpaste.

    Although getting a toothpaste with the ADA stamp is a good idea for peace of mind, I would just make sure you buy something manufactured in the US by the big companies (Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh, Etc...) As others have mentioned, toothpastes from other countries may not contain fluoride which is an important part of preventing cavities. Or they may contain too much, which is most likely okay, but could be toxic in high doses. Also, you may have read recently that there was a toothpaste recall. It was for toothpastes from China I believe. Just keep in mind that other countries' policies on food and drug admin are not always as sanitary or as stringent as ours are...

    Hope that helps

    Source(s): I'm a dental hygienist
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    I have heard that countries that don't put fluoride in their water have more fluoride in their toothpaste than what the ADA recommends. So if you are using toothpaste from some Dollar Store that gets its toothpaste from overseas you may be exposing yourself to more fluoride (what's in your water and the extra in the toothpaste.) I wouldn't worry about it for myself, but I probably wouldn't let my kids have any. Over time doesn't everything end up causing cancer anyways?

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    I wouldn't - especially if you purchase it at a discount retailer like a Dollar Store - they sometimes get items from foreign countries that do not have fluoride in their water system, so there is a lot more in the toothpaste and it can be poisonous.

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