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Yahoo spam protector is the worst! What are you doing to eliminate spam?

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    Pop-ups are easy to get rid of if you have Spybot Search and Destroy (see links below)

    Also it's good practice to NOT use Internet Explorer- instead use Firefox for your browser needs- it does not use Microsoft's ActiveX (which is known to be susceptible to attacks) controls and it STRICTLY adheres to W3C which is the World Wide Web Consortium that sets the guidelines for the web...Microsoft doesn't follow W3C because they like to have proprietary software embedded to keep people buying from them.

    The best way to block spammers in your Yahoo account is not by pressing the "SPAM" button.

    Instead, do this- open your Yahoo! e-mail and open a spam letter. In the sender's address box, copy the URL of the spammed account. (For instance, ar$ - you would only copy "")

    Open a second browser window (or TAB) with your Yahoo email account. In the top right of that window is "OPTIONS" click that and then select "Block Addresses"

    You will see a list of all the blocked addresses- REMOVE THEM ALL because it is harder to block individual addresses.

    Paste the URL of the site you wish to block (such as "" or whatever the URL is of the spammail you are getting)

    Do this instead of hitting the SPAM button every time because that will ONLY block an individual e-mail account.

    By blocking an entire site, it does not matter which e-mail address created tries to spam you- it will be blocked. For example,,, and 56$ all come from the domain "" if you block the URL and not the individual, none of the e-mails generated from that spam website will get through.

    Just be careful, if the URL is something like,,,,, or other COMMON e-mail sites- you DO NOT want to block that URL because you will never receive e-mails from friends or family who use those accounts.

    Another way is if you can block the IP address but I recommend that for advanced users.

    Source(s): (Spybot) (Firefox Browser - IT ROCKS!!)

    Also I hope my Yahoo Spam blocking technique helps you out!

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    My chum Alan, who's the community computing gadget Maven, gave me a tip approximately junk mail. different than for the 'placing's and staining junk mail heavily, so it gets directed to the junk mail container, He pronounced, "under no circumstances deliver an e mail with extra beneficial than one handle interior the 'deliver' line. continuously use the BCC line for extra addresses." He pronounced the reason you are trying this it via fact there are companies and people who make money via doing some thing referred to as 'documents mining.' They hack the cyber web on a conventional foundation and that they supply the impact of being for letters that the two have a protracted checklist of non-public addresses or letters that shop getting forwarded and get an accumulation of addresses, via fact each sender does not hardship to wipe out the previous addresses earlier sending. If i'm getting an e mail and that i'm asked to 'deliver it on' the 1st ingredient I do, whilst the 'compose new web site' comes up, is test down and delete all previous addresses.

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    got a program..... it automaticly deleats thenew smap that has that picture...

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