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Are U.S Cuba relations getting better at least in business?

Or how do you explain American Airlines(American Eagle), Continental (Continental Connection), Sky King, C & T Charters Inc, IBC Airways and FedEx flying into José Martí International Airport?

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    Those charters flight do not have nothing to do with Cuba- us relations getting better or worse , these are charters rented to fullfil the agreements made between these two countries in the family reunions since there are so many Cuban here that have familly there , those flights exists many years now , more than 25 i believe as I remember my great grandmother visited us there in 1981 she came in one of those flights. Is nothing new.

    There are some companies that do bussines with Cuba , mostly in the agricultural field , that have agreements to ship chicken in xchange for CASH , ( I actually bough a case of chicken ispected by the USDA in Cuba 3 weeks ago while visiting, to give to my familly, no more info there as it was not legally purchased) no credits are being given , this also exists a few years back but not as many as the charter flights. This is all supervised and allowed by the US goverment, but the Embargo would not let anything else be done for my people.

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    Not at all any company caught doing business with cuba could be fined by the US Government

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