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Are U.S Cuba relations getting better at least in business?

Or how do you explain American Airlines(American Eagle), Continental (Continental Connection), Sky King, C & T Charters Inc, IBC Airways and FedEx flying into José Martí International Airport?

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    Tensions are decreasing between the two nations, but as long as the United States maintains an embargo against Cuba, there is a glass ceiling on how good business relations can get.

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    U.S companies are banned by U.S law from doing any business with Cuba. Same goes for the others in GWB's 'Axis of evil'.

    At least that what the official line is.

    So, short answer is no.

    Im not sure why those people are allowed to fly in, it seems like profits influencing politics?

    I know my brother had to sneak into cuba on a trip around the world as he was going to U.S after and they would not let him enter the country, and American Airlines would not carry him, if he had cuba on his travel itinery.

    Im not sure where you have your information, but it doesnt sound right to me.



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    I am sure after Castro is gone relation will get better, did you ever hear one of his long speeches, it just plane crazy that anyone would stand for hours to hear him babble on and on....

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