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Friends, Which is better, SUV's or Cars. Which of them are more stable in case of accidents at high speed, or

in snow.

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    Cars are more stable, as they have a lower center of mass or gravity. SUV's provide more protection in an accident, and generally handle better in snow.

    If your question is designed to help decide which to purchase, I would answer that the best would be the one that is the most comfortable and most needed for your personal situation. If you are going to be the only one in the car, a front wheel drive vehicle with a high crash safety rating should suffice. However, if you have a family, and want additional room, an SUV will provide additional room and protection, as well as improved traction in snow.

    Is gas mileage also a concern? A car will get better gas mileage than an SUV.

    I live in a northern state, and drive through snow about half the year. I drive a front wheel drive car, which handles well in the snow and gets good gas mileage. My wife drives a SUV, which doesn't get good mileage. She drives our kids around town and doesn't drive many miles, so it protects her and my kids better, but doesn't use much of gas because of the short distances.

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    Like the guy said above SUVs tend to flip really easy though on the side of total damage Ive seen a few SUVs total the back end of cars and not even have a scratch on them, while in the snow SUVs tend to handle a bit better since they weigh more then a car

    My opinion is if your planing on driving a lot, and in the snow, is a car for better handling overall just add some weight to the rear end with a few sand bags or one of the big sewage caps you see in the roads of a city that should be about right to keep the rear end down in the event of a slide on snow, when driving on snow the heavier the car the better for handling though you have to remember the heavier the car is the longer it is going to take you to stop at higher speeds and the more gentle you will have to be with the brakes.

    Source(s): personal and educational experience with my farther.
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  • 1 decade ago

    That's a tough question no easy answers. One thing cars are more stable in high speed accidents. SUV's can flip I have seen it. SUV's are good in snow except some AWD are also good.

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