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univerisity in ohio?

good schools in Ohio for pre-med?

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    There are three schools in Ohio good for pre-med, and here is how I would rank them:

    1. Case Western Reserve University

    2. Oberlin College

    3. Ohio State University

    Case Western Reserve University is a prestigious college known for its medical school, where medical students and some undergrads get internships at the Cleveland Clinic. Therefore, Case Western is simply the best place to go for pre-med in Ohio.

    Oberlin College is a small liberal arts school that is good at pretty much everything. Although it does not have any graduate/professional schools that specialize in biology/medicine, it routinely sends its pre-med undergrads to medical schools at Mayo, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Penn.

    Ohio State is a good place for pre-med because it has a lot of internship and research opportunities. But you will have to face competition with an enormous number of other OSU students to get those opportunities.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Case Western



    Miami University


    The first four have outrageously high med school placement rates. The pre-med advising systems are best at Case and Miami.

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    There are no good schools in Ohio, pre-med or otherwise

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    Ohio State University, I go to business school there and the medical facilities there look excellent. I think they emphasize on research though.

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    try looking into Case Western

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    ohio state university!!!! its in columbus, i go there for my prenatal visits and alot of the nurses that you see before your actual dr comes in are students which means they get work experience too :)

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