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When do we have the highest relative humidity?

During mid afternoon or about sunrise

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    For most places the relative humidity is higher at around sunrise rather than mid afternoon. That is because the air temperature and dew point temperature are usually closer together at that time. There are some exceptions though. In some cases, a change in air mass can make the mid afternoon more humid. An extremely dry land breeze at sunset followed by a moist sea breeze (or rain event) during the mid afternoon may make the mid afternoon have a higher relative humidity. However, if you assume that the temperature is higher in the mid afternoon and that the dew point temperature does not change much, then sunrise will have a higher relative humidity.


    use that link to play around with some temperature/dew point temps. :)

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    Around about sunrise and at night time. The reason for this is because during the day the sun is up cause the temperature to rise. As the temperature rises it increase a gap between the dew point and temperature which lowers the humidity. At night it's cooler the temperature is able to drop and reaches near or at the dew point and causes the humidity to rise. If the humidity is at 100%, then the temperature and dew point are the same. When temperature and dew point are the same then fog or dew can start forming.

    Humidity is calculated by

    Humidity= (vapor pressure)/(actual vapor pressure) x 100%

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    I would say after sunset it's worst (at least in the summer).

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