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Anonymous asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Desperate Fantasy baseball trade...........?

I have been last since the beginning of the season and i havent moved one bit....

My lineup is

C-Ramon Hernandez

1B-Prince Fielder

2B-Jeff Kent

3B-Adrian Beltre

SS-Jimmy Rollins

OF-Jermaine Dye

OF-Alfonso Soriano

OF-Raul Ibanez

Util-Derek Lee

BN-Howie Kendrick

BN-Garret Atkins

BN-Shane Victorino

My pitchers are

SP-Jeff Suppan

SP-Carlos Zambrano

RP-Trevor Hoffman

RP-Akinori Otsuka

P-Dan Wheeler

P-Randy Wolf

P-Ervin Santana

BN-Cliff Lee

BN-James Shields

I have just been offered this trade:

I will be giving up

Prince Fielder

Carlos Zambrano

I would be getting

Hanley Ramirez

Huston Street (DL)

i know i already have J-roll at SS but i could trade J-roll for maybe Oswalt or Webb since my pitching is bad and then wait til Street comes back???

Thoughts on how to improve my team?

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    1 decade ago
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    get a new catcher, kent sucks, beltre had 1 good year with the dodgers and got bank for it and sucks, ibanez had a lucky season last year, and for some reason atkins is slumping horribly. id suggest you also drop victorino, he is nothing more than average. the only reason why he was rated high was because he had a really good series against the giants in which he stole 6 bases and homered over the weekend. the good thing is that fielder is playing at an allstar level and fonso is starting to turn things around. and you should get more RPs, you really only have 1, hoffman.

    so drop victorino and pick up a good pitcher. drop or trade kent and put kendrick in his place and get a good pitcher in return. hope atkins turns things around and once he does, drop or trade beltre and pick up another good pitcher or hitter.

    and say no to that trade. fielder is playing too good right now and i think zambrano will turn things around soon, plus hes better than an injured street anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't do that trade. You are giving up too much. Granted, Zambrano hasn't been great so far, but he will come around. Street isnt coming back til at least the all-star break. Fielder is (so far) this year's Ryan Howard. Kendrick is the guy I would drop, then maybe trade Victorino. I know he's not Vlad, but he has 16 steals so far, and been pretty good this year. Im sure you can get something for him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Giving up Zambrano would be alright, but Prince Fielder is too good to let go. What kind of a league are you in? Points, Rotissary, etc.? That could help you make a decision on a trade. I would take a look at the Free Agents available in your league and go that route. This way you can drop your worst players and not give one of your opponents a good player to use against you. Just some thoughts.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need too get that other guys number 1 starting pitcher if your going too give up on Fielder and Zambrano. The A's dont even know when Street is coming back so you need too get more in return

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