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Should i be informed or should i just experience it?

Ok, well my bf said he's gonna give me a treat soon, in other words he's gonna give me oral sex, i really do love him but im still scared,well im just wonering should i find out what exactly he's gonna do to me or should i just experience it first hand? But if anybody can tell me what he mite do then that would be good to, (please dont me mean in ur answers.)

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  • Kia A
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    Be well informed about how to protect yourself and about the biological (and medical) aspects of your body, sex and reproduction.

    But enjoy the exploration!

    This topic is not suitable to be discussed in detail in a public forum. You'll get all kinds of ignorant teenage guys weighing in with THEIR misguided interpretations.


    Or ignorant girls, as in this immature little HO right below.

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    Don't mind Kia. She is bitter.

    Your boyfriend should make you feel relaxed at first. He should be gentle and let you know in advance what he is doing. Talk to him and tell him what you like and do not like. You may want to consider having him limit his explorations to the outside areas to protect yourself from STD's and to keep him from being too rough.

  • Mongo
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    What was that public service announcement form back in the day? Knowledge is power!

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    Its best to be well informed

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    Wow, you've never gotten eaten out!!!! U poor girl!!!!

    He most like will NOT know what he is most boys out there!!!! They're all talk, and definitely NO action!!! They should give beginner classes to these humps, or something!!!

    Good luck.............


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