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what are the best songs out there? i need alot?

i like rock like from simple plan not puck rock rap r&b mariah carry kind of music pop mostly everything exept tecno puck rock and bands that scream

give me alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

ty pce...........

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    This list is made up of all my favourite rock songs that match your description:

    U+Ur Hand- Pink

    This Ain't a Scene, It's an Armsrace- Fall Out Boy

    St. Jimmy- Green Day

    Someday- Nickelback

    Smile in Your Sleep- Silverstein

    Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne

    Seize the Day- Avenged Sevenfold

    Face Down- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Poor Unfortunate Souls- Jonas Brothers

    Don't Let Me Get Me- Pink

    The Only Difference- Panic! At the Disco

    Build God, Then- Panic! At the Disco

    Pain- Three Days Grace

    Nobody's Home- Avril Lavigne

    This is How You Remind Me- Nickelback

    Nails for Breakfast Tacks for Snacks- Panic! At the Disco

    Move Along- The All American Rejects

    Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park

    It's Time to Dance- Panic! At the Disco

    In The End- Linkin Park

    I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! At the Disco

    Holiday- Green Day

    Here In Your Arms- Hellogoodbye

    Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day

    Feels Like Tonight- Chris Daughtry

    Feel like Fame- Four Letter Lie

    Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance

    Family Portrait- Pink

    Dance, Dance- Fallout Boys

    Camisado- Panic! At the Disco

    But It's Better If You Do- Panic! At the Disco

    Boys Will Be Boys- Panic! At the Disco

    The Best Damn Thing- Avril Lavigne

    Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects

    I hope you listen to at least one of these songs, it took time to find them.

    Oh, and listen to this one, it's not rock though:

    Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K.

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    Perfect World- Simple Plan

    Perfect- Simple Plan

    Welcome to My Life- Simple Plan

    Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne

    U + Ur Hand- Pink

    Clumsy- Fergie

    This is the Way I Live- Baby Boy da Prince

    Never Again- Kelly Clarkson

    Far Away- Nickelback *favorite*

    Tonight- FM Static

    When Your Heart Stops Beating- Plus 44

    Goodnight Goodnight- Hot Hot Heat

    hope i helped a little...

    Ann Elizabeth♥

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    You'd probably like Kutless... Try to find a couple of their song songs... especially A promise of a lifetime. they have other songs that are a bit more rock in them. just search them up. Its awesome music. Their kinda underground... Listen to their lyrics too.. its inspiring.

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    try Clutch, they're a hard rock band that you can groove to.

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