wht is fcc (federal communication court)doing?

how many times f*** word is said in an average english movie?


y doesnt fcc ban it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    (1) the FCC is the "Federal Communications commission" -- an administrative body that regulates the AIRWAVES.

    (2) It has NO jurisdiction over movies, because they're not sent over broadcast media. (Now, if the movie plays on network TV, they do.)

    (3) The First Amendment generally protects non-obscene speech. The only reason the FCC can ban the "F-Word" on TV is because the standard is lower for "broadcast" TV that is "pushed" into someone's home.

    (4) See the New York Times article today about the FCC's "F-Word" policy that's been rejected by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


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