How do you fix a telephone line crossover problem?

We are a company with multiple phone lines. Ever since the beginning of 2007, after some strong Santa Ana winds in Southern California, we have been experiencing a crossover problem with a few lines on our phone.

When we are on the phone, we occasionally hear an intercom system from one particular company. We never get the name of the company. We just hear people broadcasting over the intercom calling for so and so person to report to so and so department.

We have called Verizon telephone company to come and check, they found nothing. We even tried the Edison power company, they were no help. We have called several of our neighboring buildings asking them if they have an intercom system that calls out those specific requests, they all said no.

The problem is getting louder and more frequent. We can hardly even hear our own phone conversations because of the cross over.

Does ANYONE have any idea???? Help!

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  • joe r
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    1 decade ago
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    you do not have a cross, or cross talk, you have an induction trouble.. i know as a business it can be difficult to determine what line is causing the trouble.. this is caused by an imbalance on the line, and could also be caused by a ground fault (if you hear a hum on the line constantly then it is proballay a ground fault)

    Verizon will only come out and test, or fix a line that you called in, so if you called the trouble in on your main line, and the trouble is on one of your other lines, then they will not fix it untill you have found the line, and told them the phone number to the line with the trouble..

    I work for a clec, and they have static on one of there lines, but they have over 100 lines comming into there office, and with there phone system, they can not isolate what dial tone the trouble is on... I had to go from line to line at the nid, to locate and isolate the trouble...

    verify what line the trouble the line is on, then call verizon and have them do a line test... you want them to tell you what the CAP BALANCE is... ideally it should be at 100%, but if it is any thing less then 98% you will want them to come to change pairs, as the other people have mentioned..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Crossover typically will happen at junction boxes or where wires have rubbed and worn the insulation away.

    One solution would be to ask for your phone line to be transferred to a new 'pair'. Make sure that - before you do this that you are confident that the problem is outside of your building (get a telephone contractor to hear the crosstalk at the telephone demarc). Swapping to a new pair _should_ fix the problem.

    Another (more expensive) solution would be to get a dedicated access line from the local service Central Office and then have a PBX that will break out the lines to your respective offices.

    good luck

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  • zeng
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    3 years ago

    fastened line or "land line" is the form of telephone service each abode had interior the previous days. It demands a telephone line to be linked on your place or company with the intention to artwork. in assessment to cellular telephones that don't prefer a telephone line to function.

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  • 1 decade ago

    call the phone company and have them come and check it out i had the same problem and they came out and fixed the problem in 20 minutes, and if the lines are crossed all parties could be getting charged on eachothers phone bills it happend to me !!!

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  • PJ
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    1 decade ago

    Good answer above.

    Have them do the new pairs. Usually works.

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