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history and cant find?

a) leaders of rebellion that carry their names.

b)people from foreign countries who supported the colonists in their war against the english.

c)early feminists

d)leaders in custers last stand

e)leaders of early english settlements

f)former slaves who fought slavery

g)leaders of groups of settlers moving to the west

h)war hawks and longtime senate opponents

i)colonial firebrands

j)union activists

k)unearly statemen and ambassadors

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who match to what up above? benjamin franklin,john jay

patrick henry,thomas paine

henry clay,ohn calhoun

john smith,william bradford

casimir pulaski, marquis de lafayette

nathaniel bacon, daniel shays

frederick douglass, harriet tubman

elizabethcady stanton,susan b. anthony

stephen austin, brigham young

tatanka yotanka, tashunka witko

mother jones, terence v. powederly

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you need to take a class in how to study. this is simplistic research, I was taught that starting in the 6th grade, and it continued through out my academic life. Really, do some research on how to do research.

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  • Fern O
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    1 decade ago

    Hey Blitzpup... I can tell you know everything about simplistic research... thanks for your 6th grade answer!!!

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