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ok...can someone tell why when celebs stop eating they lose weight?...cuz everyone keeps tellin me if yu dont eat enough yu will end up not loseing weight and gaining weight....that cant be true sence i kno a lot of ppl the couldn't eat cuz they had no money...and they lost a TON of weight....and i kno that if i dont eat as much then my body will start eating muscle...but if i excersice every day for 3 months and only eat like one or 2 things a day...i will be gaining muscle at the same time...right?

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    It is NOT true that celebs lose weight because they dont eat. Celebrities lose the pounds because of "WHAT" they eat. They usually have personal dietitians and trainers that encourage them to eat the low-fat type of food. Those celebs that dont eat for them to lose weight are what you call the "abnormal type" like Nicole Richie or Mary-Kate Olsen. Dont imitate them, you'll lose your life. So, in order for you to lose the weight, you still have to eat, but it depends on WHAT you eat.

    My tips for you to lose weight:

    1. Still eat at the same regular time. Dont skip meals, or you'll binge, i'm telling you.

    2. Indulge yourself with fiber, such as oatmeal, bran, vegetables and fruits. Or maybe unsalted popcorn and wheat cookies for your snack. And DONT eat pork.

    3. Moderately exercise for 30 minutes a day.

    4. Do not eat carbs after 6pm, but replacing fiber for the foods you want to eat that time, only when you get hungry.

    5. Here's the cue: ~Eat like a king for breakfast, eat lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper~

    For muscle growth:

    Eat more protein rich foods, like fish, beef, nuts and of course you need milk.


    Pump it up!

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    I just think when people say you can't lose and may gain, they are just helping. You will lose weight, but it's very unsafe. Also if your used to eating good, and then you stop for a while, you will get very hungry and start back up. I learned from experience.

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    They can afford personal trainers and to be honest i think alot of celebrities are on drugs and drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy make you lose alot of weight.

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