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Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan all have USSR Silo Nukes how many Tacticals?

How much of the Bear do they still Own?


Subsequent to its independence, Kazakhstan found itself owner of one of the world's largest nuclear arsenals. The weapons of greatest concern were the 1,400 nuclear warheads on SS-18 ICBMs that remained in Kazakhstan when the Soviet Union disbanded. Kazakhstan also had 40 Tu-95M long range bombers equipped with 320 cruise missiles. Although two other new states -- Ukraine and Belarus -- also possessed "stranded" nuclear weapons, the Kazakh weapons attracted particular international suspicion, and unsubstantiated rumors reported the sale of warheads to Iran. Subsequent negotiations demonstrated convincingly, however, that operational control of these weapons always had remained with Russian strategic rocket forces.

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    They don't have ICBM silos, they never did.

    All soviet ICBM fields were in Russia proper.

    The Soviet Republics had mobile ICBM's that were removed after the break up.

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