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Music Production?

What is the differance in Mac's & Pc's for making music

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    PC can freeze up or crash on you while music production is in progress because it uses tons of memory.

    The best program in my opinion is Sony Acid 6.0

    Works amazingly and is a very easy to use loop sequencer, which makes music making tons easier for anyone.


    Pro tools is what everyone uses these days and is probably the best music making app available, and to use it to it's best potential you would need a Mac. Also for movies Final Cut Pro is amazing! Which also requires Mac.

    I know your thinking Mac?

    But Mac's do not have the crashing and freezing that Windows will bring you. That is the difference! besides Mac's are built to be Film and Video editing and creating platforms!

    But if you must remain PC, which I still am. Sony Acid is incredible!

    The only difference is performance...

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    actually creating music digitally?

    I suppose thats up to production skill, musical ability and software preference. There are multiple programs that I woudl assume could run on either platform, and then again are you comparing computers with the exact same set-up...too many variables to take into account. Just figure your budget and what you could get out of each of the computers within your price ranges as well as the programs you choose to use.

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    There is not really that much of a difference. It boils down to preference. I will say this as a user of both platforms. Things just seem to run a little smoother on Mac. Less (latency, hiccups, and errors). However on a different note, I've worked with other DAW platforms on windows and they run just as smooth. So again, it really boils down to preference and what you are comfortable with.

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