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Help With Exercise Techniques?

Does anyone know any exercise techniques i could do concerning mostly the abdominal section? I really need help any exercise ideas i could use to lose weight, i'm mostly concerned on losing weight and if you know what should i do during the workouts, should i drink alot of water or not too much? Should i wear shorts and a tee- shirt or should i wear things to make me sweat? Etc. . . Please Help!

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    Do crunches for abdominals..make sure you dont hold your is important to breathe naturally..

    Crunches for different parts :

    The reverse crunch - is performed by curling the legs and pelvis towards the shoulders. More emphasis is placed on the lower abdominals.

    The twisting crunch - is performed by lifting one shoulder at a time. More emphasis is placed on the obliques.

    The cable crunch - is performed while kneeling upright by curling the body to pull down on a cable machine. The hips should be kept motionless, so that the individual's bodyweight does not assist the movement.

    The bicycle crunch - is performed by bringing together alternating elbows and knees, resulting in a leg motion similar to pedaling a bicycle.

    water - warm not iced(makes you bloated)

    shorts and tshirts fine...

    all the best!

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    Your diet should be the number one focus if you are attempting to lose weight. Body fat stores will be used once you create a caloric deficit, and the easiest way to do that is to eat healthy. Then you can follow up with exercise. Keep in mind, you cannot spot reduce. Crunches, push ups, squats, will not decrease fat from their respective areas. Fat is utilized throughout the body.

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    For warming up, sing "I love to sing" which covers all of your basic vowel sounds. Also, start on a high note and slide downwards over an octave, similar to an ambulance siren. For breathing exercises, take a quick, surprise breath and hold it for 12 beats on a hiss. Also, practice holding a note as long as you can (target length is 24 beats, but try to improve from there).

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    you should probably invest in a qualified, repeat qualified personal trainer. Anyone can tell you what exercises to do, but you need to be shown correct form to avoid injury and to do the exercise effectively.

    shorts and tee is fine to wear.

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    shorts and a tee-good

    water-very good

    you need cardio (running, walking, swimming, dancing, biking, etc) and then you need toning (crunches, get a stability ball and sit on it when your at your computer or watching tv as you balance it engages your abs, and try pilates it's great!) well balanced diet and you will be in tip top shape in no time

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